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check for burned out glow plugs


What year model do you have? Does it start if you plug in the block heater? There is a computer update from Ford that can be installed to improve cold starting problems.


Most likely your truck has a block heater and you have to turn the ignition on to start the heater up. its that hissing- buzzing sound you hear whe you first turn the ignition on when its cold, that's why the motor emblem on the dashboard is red

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Q: Why does a Ford F-250 Diesel not start when it is cold?
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Ford f250 diesel 7.3 cold starting problems?

glow plugs, glow plug relay, poor compression on engine are some things that will give problems

F250 ford diesel 6.0 will not start?

Make sure you wait long enough for the glow plugs to charge. Check your fuel and power systems. Add a bottle of 70% alcohol to the tank to break up old or cold fuel.

Why does 2006 F250 Diesel run bad when cold?

The 2006 Ford F2 50 diesel engine might have a bad fuel injector. The injector can cause the engine to not run properly, until the engine warms up.

What does plugging in a F250 do?

Most diesel engines have a block heater that heats the engine coolant so that the whole engine is warm to make it easier to start on cold mornings because a diesel uses compression heat to ignite the diesel fuel.

Mercedes sprinter diesel engine hard to start when cold?

Most diesel engines are hard to start when it is cold. Plugging the diesel engine block heater in will help the engine start.

Why would a 1997 Ford Expedition be hard to start in cold weather?

Diesel? Glowplugs Petrol? Auto choke stuck open or MAS

Where is the speed sensor on a 1993 Ford F250 extended cab 4x4 pickup located?

pickup speedometer does not register from a cold start. Shifting lurches and then all evens out after about 30 mph

What causes your 1998 5.9 Dodge truck to start harder when its cold It turns right over after its been run?

get yourself a GOOD battery with lots of cold cranking amps and keep your terminals CLEAN. Have that same problem with ford f250 supercab turbo diesel - have to use starter fluid to get it started once it sits. someone told me that the glowplugs aren't doing their job, is this true?

Your diesel truck turns over but wont start?

Its to cold out or there is no fuel

Why does your F250 diesel 6.0 when idling blow cold air through the heater vents?

most likely it's a bad thermostat, or your vents not working properly.

Need code numbers for troubleshooting on a cold start a 1990 F250?

To find the code numbers for troubleshooting a 1990 F250 with cold start issues, it's best to take the vehicle to a mechanic who has a diagnostic machine. The machine will provide the codes which can then be used to refer to the vehicle instruction manual.

Why Diesel hard to start only in morning?

its probably cold where you live. plug it in.

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