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Why does a Sonoma blow heated air from the vents on cool days with the temperature control on cold and AC is off and set to Vent?

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The heater core valve is probably sticking or adjusted wrong.

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What temperature should air be coming out of vents for heating?

Whatever it is set to on your heater's control keypad.

How does a temperature control feature in a car work?

Cars with an Automatic Temperature Control system have a thermometer in the dash console with little vents to allow air to come in. The thermometer temperature reading is then used to control the fan speed and also the air mix (temperature) to match the temperature selected....

What is a mode door on a 2000 Dodge Intrepid?

I think your refering to the door in the heater housing that directs air to vents, floor or defroster vents, there is also a blend actuator that mixes heated or cooled air to give the correct temperature from the selector.

What contains heated groundwater that reaches earth's surface?

Thermal vents.

How do you get the air conditioning vents to blow cold instead of hot on 1996 crown Victoria?

Check temperature control cable for binding.

Is Greenland or Iceland heated by geothermal vents?

It is Iceland that has geothermal vents. Iceland's population use it to heat their houses and to make electricity.B.C. The Hairless Guy

What is the hottest ocean temperature?

In the vicinity of volcanic vents the temperature is at its hottest. The deepest, hottest vents are hot enough to melt lead. They are estimated to be about 450 degrees C.

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water is heated or cooled inside an animal, and sweat is also a factor. Cats and lizards have vents on either side of their head to let water keep its original temperature.

How do hydrothermal vents support living things?

Hydrothermal vents are openings in the seafloor out of which heated mineral-rich water flows. So plants at the bottom of the ocean can use the minerals from the hydrothermal vents to help them grow and photosynthesis..hope that helped:)

Water released from deep-sea vents has been heated by?

hot rocks deep in the crust.

Organisms living near hydro thermal vents are?

The organisms living near hydro thermal vents are cold blooded animals whose body temperature does fluctuate as per the environment. There thermo regulatory receptors are missing and they do not posses any control over their body temperatures.

Why does your gmc sonoma blow only a little air out and the defrost only blows out the front vents?

why dont bottom vent doors not open on 2001 gmcsonoma

Why does your Mercedes 190e have hot air from far right and left vents and cold air from middle two vents when you have a climate control but it seems to not control much of anything?

This is a common question for new owners of Mercedes 190e. The center vents only blow outside air and conditioned air from your a/c. This is the design of the system. The reason Mercedes made it this way is to keep the driver alert and awake. You can adjust the flow of air from the center vents by moving the slider up or down, but the air will always be the ambient temperature from the outside or from your a/c when it is engaged.

With the air conditioner on what should the temperature be coming through the vents?

Depending on the year, make, model along with if it has single or dual a/c systems and what the outside temperature is, it can be between 36 to 48 degrees...... Simply, the A/C vents temperature should be whatever you set the thermostat as.

What is wrong with 03 trailblazer climate control won't switch from feet to head vents?

If the climate control on a 2003 Trailblazer will not switch from feet to head vents, try changing it to defroster then back to head. The mode button on the dual climate control model can only be switched from face/feet to feet and then to defrost. The feet and head vents worked at the same time.

Mineral rich water heated by newly formed oceanic crust escape through cracks in the floor called?

Hydrothermal vents.

What can you do if you can't get heat from the rear upper vents in your 2001 Sienna?

I believe the upper vents are for A/C only. The floor vents are for the Hot air. Test your ceiling controls by moving the knob from cold to hot, you should hear the air pass from upper vents to lower vents. Providing of course you have selected REAR from the front control panel.

What should the temperature of air from the heat vents be in house?

On the vents closest to the main unit it should read around the same temperature that the thermostat is set to after its been running and then as the venting increases the temperature should be less, between 2 to 10 degrees different depending on how well the ducting is in the attic........

Why will the AC only blow out of the defrost vents in a 1990 Ford Tempo?

sounds like a vacum leak in the temperature control panel or from the engine to the control panel, the line from the engine to the control panel is black, and gets split at the panel, has the engine been running a little rough or a lack of power, this might explain it

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Why is your car air conditioner alway on?

It doesn't have to be if you close the vents and turn it down to a warmer temperature.

Why does a 2003 Crown Vic with auto temp control blow heat and ac from the defrost and floor vents but no air through the dash vents?

Because the air selector died.

Why is the driver side blowing hot air when the air conditioner is on in your 2004 avalanche?

The Avalanche has dual controls for the air conditioning system. One control operates the driver side ac vents, and the other control operates the passenger side vents.

How do you close the vents on 89 Chevy Celebrity?

Move the heat control lever to the off position.

Are there actuators used in the heating dynamics of your car?

Not really! The actuator is there to control the airflow through the vents.