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It sounds like the throttle body and associated air passages are plugged with gunk and need a cleaning. Could also be a plugged airfilter. Low battery voltage. Engine ignition timimg set wrong.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-24 01:24:13
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Q: Why does a Volkswagen Golf cut out when you take your foot off the accelerator?
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What should be your first respond to steer failer?

Take your foot off the accelerator.

Any sugestions for better fuel mileage?

take one foot off the accelerator

How do you slow down vehicles?

The vehicle driver either take their foot of the accelerator and applies the brakes.

How do you open broken hood latch on 2002 Volkswagen Golf?

take it to your dealer or a garage

How do you slow down when you start to skid in a vehicle?

Do not put your foot on the breaks. Take your foot off the accelerator and steer into the skid.

What makes a 4-cylinder 2000 grandam only run with foot on the accelerator if you take your foot off it dyes immediately?

crappy car crappy car

What is the friction that causes a car to slow down when you take your foot off the accelerator?

Rolling friction By Alex ceron

To regain control of your vehicle during a fishtail what should you do as soon as possible?

Take your foot off the accelerator

What is the first thing that should be done when a motor vehicle starts to skid?

Take your foot off the accelerator and steer in the direction of the skid

How do you remove the front rub strip on a 2000 volkswagen golf?

just pull it off. held in by clips and tape. if you take it off tho, their will be holes and such

What is the problem when your car turns over is getting fuel and won't stay started when you take your foot off the accelerator?

it could be the throttling positioning sensor

Your 2002 Chevy cavalier pulls to the right when you accelerate and pulls to the left when you take your foot off the accelerator what could cause this?

Have your ball joints checked out.

What oil should you put in your vw golf mark 3 N reg?

A Volkswagen Golf Mark 3 N Reg should take 15w40 oil if the oil is mineral. If synthetic oil is preferred, a weight of 10w40 is fine.

What should you do if your car breaks down?

If your car breaks down the highway gently and smoothly take your foot off the accelerator. Do not ever try to break hard. Then after taking off your foot to the accelerator carefully work your vehicle toward the breakdown lane or the side of the road. If you can, signal the drivers behind you that you are having a trouble in that way you will avoid any collision.

Engine stalls or dies when stopping or turning?

The idle speed needs adjusted upward if an engine stalls when you take your foot off the accelerator while stopping or turning.

What is the first thing should do if your car starts to skid while you are driving?

Take your foot off the accelerator and's stear slightly toward the direction of the skid. Do not apply the brakes.

If you have allowed the wheels of your vehicle to run off the edge of the pavement. You should?

Take your foot off the accelerator, and slowly move back on the road. Do not jerk the wheel or apply the brakes.

Can you take Lexapro with plexus accelerator?

can you take lexapro with plexus accelatorplus

How do you fix a power window that has fallen off it's track on a 1999 Volkswagen Golf?

I had to take mine to a garage - the clips that the window sits on are brittle plastic, and they snap - you can get a replacement kit for around

Why does a KH auto laser not move when the engine is running and the accelerator is depressed wit hthe selector is in Drive or Reverse?

Perhaps you should take your foot off the brake and see if that helps ;-)

What do you do when you in down hill with car?

Take your foot off the accelerator and gently pump the brakes so not to overheat the brakes. Downshift to a lower gear to use the engine for braking

Where can I take a golf instruction course?

Most golf courses have instruction classes you can take. You can also take a golf instruction course at your local community college.

Where is the fuse box on a 2000 Volkswagen golf?

open the drivers door,then look on the side of the dashboard,roughly were your knee would be when driving,there's a lid what u can take off,there all in there.............hope that helps

Where can a person take golf lessons?

A person can take golf lessons at their nearby golf course. Golf lessons can typically cost from a range of thirty dollars to one hundred fifty dollars depending on how good your golf teacher is.

What is the best way to bring your car out of a skid?

Take your foot off the accelerator. Do not brake. avoid steering changes if possible and hold steering wheel firmly until tires grip the road again.