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Why does a car's air conditioner run fine in max setting but shut the compressor off when in normal?

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It could happened if air flow trough heat exchanger is not sufficient and to prevent aicing compressor will shut off. Possible reason - clogged air ducts or heat exchanger, when air speed is slow the cooling coil air temp drop, if temp drop below 4c the senor shut off the compresor , when temp rise above 4c it start again

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Can you drive a car without an air compressor?

If you mean an AC - air conditioner compressor, definitely yes. Assuming that the drive belt is not an issue and the cars computer will allow it to senses the disconnection. You could if it was an air conditioner compressor but it would be hot!

Can you use your Air conditioner with the Heater on?

Yes. In most cars (especially those that have climate control) the Air Conditioner compressor will run periodically, while the heat is on, to dry the air as it comes into the cabin; this prevents the windows from fogging. The A/C Compressor will always run when you have the window defrosters on.

Where is the air conditioner clutch on a 2004 Chrysler Concorde?

On all cars, the air conditioner clutch is on the front of the air conditioner compressor. The clutch is a unit by itself, while it's mounted on the shaft which is part of the compressor. A belt drives the clutch, and the clutch (when engaged) drives the compressor. Clutches tend to be held on in odd ways, snap rings might be involved. Also a puller is usually needed. Don't head into this without checking the information for your specific car.

If you raise your cars air conditioner to a higher temperature will you use less gas than if you keep it cooler?

The gas efficiency of a vehicle is determined by how much power is being used. The air compressor is what affects the gas mileage. The hard the compressor works the more gas a car will use. If the compressor is on the gas economy will go down.

What cars are the ac compressor hr100t on?

chevrolet and other GM use the HR100T AC compressor

Which air conditioner line is which on a '96 Dodge Stratus and how do you replace them?

I`m not sure exactly why you are wanting to know that but ALL cars and trucks are the same. The LOW side hose goes inside the car from the compressor and the HIGH side hose allways goes to the condensor (in front of the radiator)from the compressor. Some cars have a liquid line (small) but your does not. Hope this will help you. Ray

Why is your indoor central air conditioner leaking water?

That isn't a leak, it is condensation from warm, moist air hitting the cold air conditioner parts. You can see the same thing under cars in the summer . . . there will be a little wet spot on the ground under the air conditioning compressor, and for the same reason.

How an AC Compressor Works?

Many people drive cars and do not think about the important components that make a car run efficiently until something needs repairing. The air conditioner system is one of those parts of a car that many people depend on for comfort, but are not sure how to care for it. An air conditioner system in a vehicle works to remove the heat from the inside of the vehicle. A car's air conditioner system has many components. The AC compressor is an integral component of an automobile's air conditioning system, functioning to pressurize the Freon so that cool air travels through the air conditioner system.Replacing the AC CompressorSimilar to other parts on an automobile, the AC can stop functioning properly and need to be replaced. A primary sign that the AC compressor has stopped working is when the air conditioner system blows out warm air when the car is idle. Before replacing the AC compressor, you should check if the car has Freon, which works with the compressor to cool the air. The level of oil within a vehicle also affects the way the AC compressor functions. A vehicle with too much oil may cause the compressor to not work properly, while a car with not enough oil can result in the compressor not working at all. Replacing the AC compressor requires using special tools specifically designed for compressor parts. Allowing a professional mechanic to change your compressor gives you the best chance that the repairs will be done correctly.Price of the AC CompressorThe price of an AC compressor depends on the make and model of the vehicle, but the compressor is one of the most expensive parts to replace in the air conditioner system. To preserve your AC compressor for as long as possible, auto mechanics recommend that you run your AC compressor on a regular basis. Mechanics recommend you run your AC compressor at least 10 minutes a month during the cold season, if the heating and defrost system in your car does not use the compressor.

Why does my air conditioner hiss and jerk the car then blow hot air then jerk and hiss again and then blow cold?

Your A/C compressor is shot. It's internal computer (or that of your car) is malfunctioning. The "jerk" is when your "A/C" kicks in...an A/C compressor takes much of your cars usable power. As it turns on and off you will get the hiss and jerk. (the hiss comes from the overworked compressor lines cooling)

Cars air conditioner doesn't work while parked?

I am also experience same problem with my Toyota Corolla 2008, is it the coil / radiator, fan clutch or compressor. if anyone could address the problem that would be great.

What is r-12?

Freon for your cars air conditioner

Do cars let off CFC gas?

In general, no. Cars used to use CFCs as the refrigerant fluid in the air conditioner. Some of it would be released if the air conditioner had a leak. In the US, cars manufactured after 1993 have air conditioners which do not use CFCs.

What kind of cars do people in New York have?

normal cars but no trucks over normal size.

Where is the low pressure air conditioner charge fitting located for a 1992 Jeep Comanche Is it the upper or lower fitting behind compressor?

The low pressure side of most cars is the larger of the 2 lines. This should hold true for the Comanche as well.

Do you add coolant or freon to make a cars air conditioner work?

you use freon to cool your car and make the air conditioner work

Why does air conditioner blows only hot air no cold air?

The air conditioner in cars can blow hot and cold air, which is activated by turning the dial. Red means warm or hot, blue means cold.This could also be related to:the temperature blend door being stuck (if a/c compressor kicks-in)A/c system problem - simple as needing recharge to failed compressor)See "Related Questions" below for moreyour AC system needs recharged

How many new cars are financed?

they were small and hot!there wasn't an air conditioner

What do you use energy for?

cars, air conditioner, computers, light bulbs, television

Can you bypass the air compressor pulley in a dodge Dakota sport v6?

well i know alot abot cars and the only time ive herd of an air compressor on a pickup truck, only on semis, im assuming ur talking about the air conditioner and yes i have one with a 5.2 and mine is bypassed just find a smaller belt and it gets 2 mpgs better!

What powers your AC in your car?

Your cars engine accessory belt drives the AC compressor.

Why does 2006 ford e-350 air conditioning blow hot air at idle?

Most cars require the air conditioner compressor to be turning at a decent rate to work effectively. Some cars will either slow down the compressor or completely stop turning when idle, depending on the system that keeps the belt moving. Also, the air requires a little time to cool and having the fan on high when the air conditioning is first turned on will cause it to blow warm air. Air needs time to "condition" with the gas to become cool and having the fan setting at the lowest speed will deliver the coolest air. Alternatively, your compressor unit might be faulty or the belt that turns the unit may be slipping or broken (if it is uses a separate belt).

How many tires are on 26 cars?

If they are normal cars there will be 104 tires

What is lpg cars?

LPG cars are liquid petroleum gas cars that can run on normal petrol or LPG

Why are energy saving cars better than normal cars?

They are not they are actually worse

What do people drive in Iceland?

Cars.... Normal cars like Nissan and Toyota...

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