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Q: Why does a car's temperature gauge go up when parked but not when driving?
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Which is not a result of poor peripheral vision?

Driving farther from parked cars or something like that

Why does a cars temperature gauge go up to the red linewhen driving and the heater starts blowing out cold air and does it periodically?

sounds like the thermostat is sticking

What distance should you maintain between your moving vehicle and a parked car?

A safe distance, there is no defined limits of this type as driving near parked cars is situational (at best).

Who is at fault in California when a parked car opens their door into the passenger side of your car while you are driving?

I would think it is the parked cars falt. Call a lawyer. They can tell you right off. I would think it is the parked cars falt. Call a lawyer. They can tell you right off.

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chasing parked cars

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Come on, you know the answer to this. The person driving the car that caused the damage to the two parked cars is responsible for all damage. Who else would be at fault? Accept responsibility for your actions.

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Yes it can be an adjective: We walked past the parked cars.

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Kindly ask the landlord to move it.

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The cast of Chasing Parked Cars - 2006 includes: Levi Scott Hawkinson as Him

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Its the same as most cars.. Just under half way on the gauge.

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