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It could be either the head gasket or the water pump is sucking a little air. Most likely the head gasket though. There are chemical tests to determine if carbon monoxide is getting into the coolant. If it IS, you have a bad headgasket/warped head.

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Q: Why does a car engine repeatedly need to bleed excess air from water or radiator?
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How do you bleed air out of silverado coolant?

Try squeezing the upper radiator hose VERY HARD and VERY FAST with BOTH hands. Repeatedly. This will often force coolant into the engine and result in forcing air out.

How do you bleed cooling system on pontiac 2.4?

To bleed the cooling system on a Pontiac 2.4 engine, there is a small hose near the bottom of the radiator that needs to be removed. Then remove the radiator cap and the cap on the radiator overflow tank.

Where is the bleed valve for the cooling system on 5.7 liter gm suburban?

The cooling system bleed valve, on your General Motors 5.7 liter engine, is located on the bottom of the radiator. The bleed valve should be in the middle of the radiator bottom.

How do you bleed a radiator on a 2001 dodge Dakota?

If there are no Schroeder valve to bleed the system with then do this. Jack the front of the vehicle as high as possible. Remove the radiator cap, (Cold engine), start the engine and allow it to run until all air bubbles have stopped escaping from the radiator. Keep the system topped off with coolant.If there are no Schroeder valve to bleed the system with then do this. Jack the front of the vehicle as high as possible. Remove the radiator cap, (Cold engine), start the engine and allow it to run until all air bubbles have stopped escaping from the radiator. Keep the system topped off with coolant.

Where is the bleed screw on a citroen c3 coolant system?

It is on the pipe behind the engine that goes to cabin radiator

Where is the coolant bleed on 1988 landcruiser?

The bleed valve on the radiator is on the lower, passenger side of the radiator on the side facing the engine. On my truck, it is tucked away above part of the frame. The bleed valve on the engine block is also on the passenger side of the block, close to the middle and a little further back towards the cabin. To be honest, that one is hard to get to.

How do you bleed air from radiator of a 2000 range rover?

How do you bleed air from radiator of a 2000 range rover?

How do you bleed your radiator on your Acura TL 3.2?

start the engine . on the heater /open the radiator cap until see the anti freeze coolant flowing circle

Radiator cap is cold the engine is hot?

thermostat or air in clling system replace thermostat and bleed the system

How do you change coolant in 2002 Honda 1800 motorcycle?

search for the drain cup on the radiator, remove the lower radiator belt from the radiator and aim at a bucket to clean the antifreeze out of both the radiator and the engine. Crank engine over for a maximum of 5 seconds, remove sparkplugs so engine can't start. Once the engine and the radiator have stopped leaking coolant (may take 20-30 minutes), re-attach lower rad hose to both lower engine and radiator. Open vent cap on radiator look at the thermostat housing for a bleed valve, fill radiator, re-install spark plugs, crank engine over to force coolant from radiator to engine, leaving bleed valve open while you continue to fill the radiator until you have a steady stream with no air being released from the bleed valve, close bleed valve. Replace rad cap, allow engine to run 2-3 minutes, check temp gage for engine temp. Open rad cap, check level of coolant in rad. Top up fluid to just below the rad cap or the marked fill line on the radiator spout. If the engine is running warmer than normal, allow engine to continue to run, re-open bleed valve until vapour lock exits bleed valve and you again have a steady stream of coolant allowing engine to continue to run. Check temp gage to verify thermostat is operational and engine is at normal operating temp. If still running warmer than usual, redo the steps to remove any trapped air (vapour lock) until engine runs at normal operating temp. Fill engine coolant reservoir to maximum line and you should be fine

How do you bleed radiator of corsa 1.2?

no bleed valve on corsa as its self bleeding. try starting engine and removing the cap from the expansion tank the air should find its way out.

How do you change antifreeze in Mercedes slk 230?

Drain your radiator. (there is a drain plug at the bottom of your radiator or at the bottom on the side). Dont forget to take the radiator cap off first. (to prevent an airlock). Replace plug. Top up with new water and anti freeze mixture. Start engine and bleed from bleed screw on radiator. sorted

Where is the bleed valve for the radiator on a 2003 Buick lesabre with a 3800 motor?

It is located underneath the plastic engine cover on the right side of the engine as you look at it from the front.

How do you bleed the air out of a cooling system on a 1990 Chevrolet Lumina with a 3.1L engine?

On top of the thermostat housing is a bleed valve. Loosen the top nut first, this will bleed it. There is another one on the radiator, but I haven't found it yet.

Where is the radiator bleed screw on a 94 BMW 525i?

next to the radiator cap on top of the radiator

Where is cooling system air bleed valve on Honda 95 civic?

right at the end of the top radiator hose near the engine

Where is the coolant bleed bolt-screw location on a 1990 acura integra GS with the 1.8litre dohc?

where the upper radiator hose connects to the engine you should see a little bleed bolt

How to bleed water pump on a 94 camaro 3.4 v6?

You don't bleed the water pump, you bleed the cooling system. Just jack up the front of the car or park it on an uphill incline and remove the radiator cap. Start the engine and let it run until no more air bubbles are escaping from the radiator. If it has bleeder valves use them to bleed the system. The water pump will bleed right along with the rest of the system.

Where is the thermostat on a 2001 century?

Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine. It is clamped onto the thermostat cover. There should be a coolant bleed screw just above it. 3.1L engine.

How do fix a radiator?

The first step that you can take to fix a radiator is to see if it needs to be bled. To bleed a radiator you will need a radiator bleed key. Unscrew the valve at the side of the radiator and when the first drop of water comes out, close the valve again. If this does not fix the radiator you will need to call in a plumber.

Can you bleed a radiator with valves at the top?

Of course

Dodge Intrepid 1995 how to get air out of radiator?

Should be a bleed valve right on top of the therostat housing. Very top part of engine.

Where is the air bleed valve for the cooling system on a 97 mercury villager?

There isn't one. The engine sits below the radiator, one is not needed.

How do you bleed a Subaru Forester radiator?

You shouldn't need to "bleed" the radiator in your Forester. If you top off the coolant in the radiator the next time you check the top of your radiator is empty again? You have a blown head gasket. Voice of experience here. --Ken

How do you bleed your cooling system ford escort 1993?

There should be a radiator drain plug on the bottom corner of the radiator. (varies on which side) You'll probably have to remove some of the plastic skid plates on the bottom to get at it. Or if you want, just remove the lower radiator hose from the radiator and let it drain that way. To bleed a cooling system means to purge air out of it. Just take the radiator cap off and let it run for a short time. the excess air will come out.You may have to replace coolant .