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Q: Why does a car overheat when it's had a new fan and thermostat?
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Why would a Honda Del Sol overheat if it has a new radiator and enought coolant?

Check the fan thermostat.

2001 ls New transmission followed by car registering overheating while driving down the road fan motor replaced and car continues to overheat while driving down the road What could it be?

Water Pump or Thermostat. May have to change water pump to replace thermostat.

Why does my 1994 Buick Skylark overheat new thermostat new radiator hoses fan and water pump?

Have you replaced the heating core yet?

Why does a new Chevy crate engine overheat?

Could be defective thermostat, bad fan clutch, insufficient fan shroud, plugged or inadequate radiator, or underperforming water pump.

Why does a 1989 Chrysler new yorker overheat?

Thermostat, low coolant, inoperative radiator fan, failed water pump, plugged radiator, head gasket.

Why does your 1994 Mercury Villager overheat with a new thermostat?

Either the thermostat was not the problem, or you put it in backwards.

Changed thermostat flushed radiator new water pump still getting hot and leaking radaitor is not getting hot could it still be thermostat?

I have a promblem with that too, my car would overheat very fast, it was a faulty NEW thermostat. It still runs hot, I think I need a new water pump

What causes your 2001 grand Cherokee to overheat have new radiator and thermostat?

Low coolant, inoperative water pump, head gasket failure, inoperative radiator fan, etc.

Whats wrong with your car if the cooling fan does not turn on when you turn the car on you tryed a new fan and the new on dosent turn on either what would be the problem?

fuse, wiring.... how long do u let it run before turning it off??..I would look to the fan relay next. also the electric fan thermostat if the car has one

You replaced the thermostat on a 95 ford escort lx and its is still overheating?

just because the thermostat is new doesnt make it good your supposed to boil it in water to see if it opens and closes so it may be bad. if your car is low on oil it will overheat also or start the car and watch the radiator hose it it collapses then the hose is clogged and the water isn't flowing right which will cause it to overheat.

How does a car still overheats when all of the fluid is not lost or leaking?

one reason being is the thermostat is not the right opening temperature another being your cooling fan is not working correctly so when you are sitting at a red light it will start to overheat your best bet is to try and change the thermostat for a new one which is only $4 at advance auto and see if that will do anything and make sure you flush out the coolant and put new in

What would cause a car to overheat once you've replaced Raditor fixed blown head gasket?

Thermostat not opening/ closing properly. You need to buy a new thermostat rated for your engine. The thermostat is located under a housing usually near the water pump on your engine. Remove the 2 bolts, lift out the thermostat,, take the car for a drive without it in place, check for overheating.. If it doesn't overheat again replace your old thermostat with a new one. In Australia we usually leave them out all together. Just remember to check and change your coolant regularly. Hope this helps.

Why would a 1994 diamante 3L dohc overheat after 25 minutes running and put out no heat and it has new water pump and new thermostat?

check the fan or the temp.sensor the radiator that is not clogd or it could be the heads tha are clogd or the head gasket

What cause vehicle to overheat it has a new thermostat and water pump?

Air bubbles remaining in the system

Why is engine overheating with new thermostat and engine temp sensor but when you take out new thermostat it does not overheat?

Did you make sure that you are putting the themostat in correctly? If you put it in backwardthis can sometimes cause this problem.

Why does my 1997 Pontiac Sunfire 2.2 still overheat with a recent coolant flush new thermostat and the water pump is okay based on the Haynes checks?

If you're confident that the pump and thermostat are still OK, I'd check for collapsed hoses, or a bad fan or temperature sensor which tells the fan to turn on. FriPilot

What can cause the 2001 Nissan Frontier to overheat?

several things 1. no radiator coolant 2. thermostat is bad 3. needs new water pump 4. make sure engine/radiator fan is running

My temp gaugebmw 318 e46 rises for no reason can anyone help already replaced the thermo sensor?

Does that mean that you replaced the thermostat AND the sensor? If not, you really need to replace the thermostat. A sticking thermostat can cause temperature swings and potentially overheat the engine. BTW, BMW engines tend to have serious problems when they overheat. Don't let it overheat or you might be buying a new engine.

How do you fix a mira sport electric shower if the overheat protection thermostat has tripped?

First you must check why the overheat (one shot) thermostat has operated Is yours a hard water area ? If so the heater tank and heating element could be scaled up. This will severely limit the transfer of heat into the flowing water and cause an overheat of the heating element. The overheat will open the one shot thermostat. Check the heater tank and if not scaled fit a new one shot thermostat. Obtainable from Mira as a spare part. If the heater tank is heavily scaled I also advise to fit a new heater tank

What will happen if the engine fan does not work on a 2002 Jeep Liberty?

If you do not get the engine fan fixed, you will suffer overheating problems. In the summer, should you take it on long drives, the Jeep will overheat, most likely causing gasket damage to either the valve cover gasket, head gasket, or oil pan gasket. It can also damage the hoses, the connection for the hoses, the thermostat gasket, the thermostat; And that's just for the cooling system. If you allow your vehicle to overheat, you can cause severe internal damage, the worst of which would cause you to have to buy a new engine.

Does the thermostat have anything to do with the radiator fan not working?

Yes,youll need a new thermostat if the fans not else would your car keep cool... The fan is probably an electric fan and is independent of the thermostat. The thermostat regulates the amount of water being allowed to run through the engine to maintain a constant temperature. The fan pulls the heat out of the water that flows though the radiator. Related but not connected. There is a fan sensor that tells it when to come on and when to shut off. I don't know where it is, but it's there somewhere. Check that and check to see if there is power to the fan. Might be a blown fuse.

Why does your 97 Avalon overheat new water pump new radiator new thermostat after 3 or 4 days it overheats when ac is on?

you need to burp the cooling system

Why a cavalier overheat?

A car can overheat for several reasons. You may need to replace your water pump. You may have a leak in the radiator itself. You may need to add more 50/50 mix of radiator fluid and water to your car. You could also have leaks or holes in the radiator hoses. You may also need a new cooling fan for the radiator.

Why does my 1994 Chevrolet Camaro overheat i put a new water pump on and thermostat it still will overheat?

blown head gasket check oil and radiator fluid. i know these cars are for people named george

Why is a 1999 Plymouth breeze with a new radiator thermostat water pump and serpentine belt still overheating?

You Installed (1) New Radiator (2) New Thermostat (3) New Water Pump (4) New Belt Car Is Still Running Hot/ Did You Install The Thermostat Correctly ? If You Did Very Little Is Left To Cause Problem. Your Car Shouls Have A 2.0 Engine. Is The Fan Running When The Car Heats Up, If Not This Could Be The Problem. Check These Things And Make Sure They Are OK. Hope This Helps. Also Are You Loosing Coolant. If You Are Have A Radiator Shop Pressure Test Your System.