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I'm not really qualified to go into the whys; there are a number of possibles. Try using a winter oil (5W-xx or 10W-xx) and run a tank of super unleaded through it. run gas line antifreeze in tank if it's really cold, also if you have fuel injection it may be a faulty temp. sensor, if it's a carburated vehicle it could be the atomatic choke not working as it should, but yeah 5w30 oil is good for the cold season :)

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โˆ™ 2005-08-15 00:59:08
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Q: Why does a car stall if not warmed up in cold weather and how can this be fixed?
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Why does the car stall when cold?

There are a few reasons why a car might stall when cold. The car might just be stiff from the cold weather.

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How many meanings for the word stall like the cold weather made the car stall at the traffic lights?

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Why does a 1985 mercury marquis stall when shifted into gear with cold engine in cold weather but not in warm weather?

Faulty ECT (engine coolant temperature) sensor. Replace it.

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What would cause a 1994 grand Cherokee limited to stall during cold weather?

bad fuel filter

What can cause a 95 caravan to stall out when its cold out sometimes and when the van is warmed up?

1st try checking the EGR valve. If the EGR valve is sticking or leaking it can force too much air into the air/fuel mixture causing the motor to stall out.

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What are the signs of a bad iat on a 1992 Geo Metro convertible?

it'll run very badly in cold weather, and may stall due to excess fuel in warm weather

What would cause a 1986 Chevy s10 to bog down when shifted into drive in cold weather even after its warmed upthe more gas i give it bogs more then soundslike back firing andeventually goes or stall?

It could have fallen out of time, could need new spark plugs and wires.

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Would a battery temperature sensor cause your vehicle to stall?

No, it would not. There are many things that could cause a stall at idle. The throttle plate could be dirty as well as the mass air flow sensor. You did not mention the kind of car or engine size. Is the check engine light on, is it when the engine is warmed up or cold?

When it's cold the car will start but when I put it into gear it often stalls Why?

Because when the engine is sitting there not warmed up with any fluids running through the components, and suddenly it gets put into gear, it stalls to send a warning that the engine is still cold..always warm up a vehicle when the weather is cold! ALWAYS! even a new car, if its cold you must let the car work itself into driving conditions....try running a mile with absolutely no liquid running through you, see how many times YOU stall..

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What would cause a 1993 Chrysler Concorde to stall after accelerating a couple of times and then not restart?

if it was cold then ur engine wasnt warmed up that is one reason. or it was to hot out and ur radiator isn't working properly and it overheate. did it start after a while??

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