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Cats rub against things because they are spreading their scent to mark their territory. They also rub against you to mark you as "their" human!

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How do you keep cat from scratching inside home walls?

OK first of all you take the cloth and rub its face. Then u rub a little of that on the wall and anything else. Since they have a special sense, and it is their own scent, they will not scratch it.

How do you use the word rub in a sentence?

Don't rub my leg, it hurts. If you rub the cat around her back, she will begin to purr. You don't have to rub it in.

What happens when you rub a balloon on your head then put it on the wall?

it sticks on the wall for a little while

Why does Yorkie rub against the wall and floor?

because it likes the smell of the floor or wall

Why does your cat rub his nose on your hand?

They are either showing affection or trying to rub their scent on you to show "ownership"

Do cats spray people?

Yes, they rub their scent glands on you, which in cat lingo means " I own you". Yes, they rub their scent glands on you, which in cat lingo means " I own you".

How do you remove a crayon marks from painted wall and wool?

From the wall, rub gently with thinners on a rag.

How do you relax a cat?

A good way to relax a cat is to rub it. When the cat starts to lay down and is purrying you know it is relaxed. =)

Why does a balloon cling to the wall after you rub it in your hair?

I've never seen this, but when you rub the balloon against your hair it creates a static electrical charge on the balloon which then causes the balloon to be attracted to the wall (or the wall to the balloon, however you like to think of it).

Why does a balloon stick to the wall when you rub it on your head?

because it is electricity

Why does a balloon stick to the wall when you rub it on a sweater?

static electricity

What is the duration of Ghost-Cat Wall of Hatred?

The duration of Ghost-Cat Wall of Hatred is 1.47 hours.

How do you get cat out of wall?

You'll have to carefully cut a hole in the wall to get to it.

What will happen if you rub the balloon vigorously and put it on the wall?

The static produced by the friction will make the balloon stick to the wall.

What does your cat like you to do to them?

My cat likes to have me rub his belly and between his shoulder blades. He likes me to scratch his cheeks too.

How do you calm your cat down?

You rub him/her along its back and give them kisses.

Why does your cat scratch the wall?

it scratches the wall cause its claws are to long

Where is mesocolon in the cat?

Its the mesentery that connects the colon to the ventral wall of the cat

Why does a balloon cling to a wall after you rub it in your hair?

When you rub a balloon against something it takes the electrons from that object (in this case your hair) and it becomes a negatively charged object. When you put the balloon near a wall the electrons in the wall are repelled away from the balloon (ad further into the wall), and the protons are attract to the balloon so they come to the edge or surface of the wall, and because opposite attract the electrons in the balloon cling or hold to the protons on the front of the wall when you are brushing your hair your hair gets stick when you rub your hair with the balloons it makes it stick!

What is the word when cats rub against your legs?

The cat is "marking" you with it's scent, especially if you were near another cat or dog.

How can you make your cat happy?

You can rub its belly probably or you can give it a ball of yarn.

In the cat bird seat what does rub out mean?

" Remove or cancel, " said Thunder

What is a sentence with hyperactive?

My sister's cat is so hyperactive it will jump from wall to wall!

Why does a cat rub up against my legs and purr?

Cats rub up against humans to get their scent on them. That way the human seems more familiar to them.

How can you pretend to be just like a cat?

to pretend to be a cat you have to rub your head on everything and walk on four legs and say mow or meow