Why does a cold bottle of water freeze when it is hit sharply against a counter?

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The water is right at freezing, and when the bottle is hit, it increases then decreases the pressure rapidly, which results in a drop in temperture, which starts the freezing process.
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Does water in a water tower freeze when it is cold?

Frozen Tower Water? . It would have to be awful cold for an awful long time for a water tower to freeze solid. The water is typically moving most of the time as it flows in and out. Water being pumped into the tower is going to be above freezing. And the large mass of water makes it pretty hard t ( Full Answer )

What freezes first Hot or COld water?

Cold water will freeze first. Before hot water can freeze, it must dissipate its stored heat. Its stored heat is what makes it hot. Cold water does not have to do this before freezing.

Why is it bad to freeze water bottles?

It is very bad to freeze water bottles because some of the chemicals leak in to the water when they are melting after they are frozen. I do not recommend freezing your water bottle

How do you freeze water in plastic bottles?

Fill bottles to about 3/4 way to top. You must leave room for expansion. Tighten cap and place in freezer at least 6 hours before you need them.

Why is it bad to freeze plastic water bottles?

It isn't bad to freeze them, unless you fill them up too high; water expands when it freezes, so just be sure to leave enough room towards the top to prevent the bottle from cracking open.

How long does it take for cold water to freeze?

It all depends on the temperature of the air that it is in contactwith, the air has to be at least 0 degrees Celsius so you cannotwork out how quickly it will freeze without knowing the airtemperature ;)

Does warm water freeze before cold?

Warm water does not freeze before cold water. This is simply amyth. The cooler the water, the less time it takes to cool down andfreeze.

Hot or cold water freezes faster?

Hot water freezes faster than cold water. Water molecules arecomposed of one oxygen atom bonded to two hydrogen molecules. Whenwater molecules come in close contact, a natural repulsion betweenthe molecules to stretch and store energy. As the water heats, thehydrogen bonds stretch as the water gets ( Full Answer )

How to instantly freeze water bottle?

What you do is you put a water bottle horizontally in your freezer for 2-4 hours if you open it and its frozen heat the water bottle to room temp. (forgot to mention that it is easier to do it when room temp) then once you find the time where its not frozen but very cold water you take it out very g ( Full Answer )

Freezing water in a water bottle toxic?

no this is just a rumor but make sure you are switching bottles every now and then because after a long period of time toxins from the plastic can get into your water so it is fine as long as you do not use the same bottle over a long period of time

If you throw a glass of water into the air when it is extremely cold can it freeze before it hits the ground?

In most conditions, no. Assuming you have the glass of watersitting at the same temperature as the outside environment, if theexternal temperature is low enough to be below freezing temperature(0 Celsius/32 Fahrenheit) then the water in the glass would alreadybe frozen before it was thrown. However ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to freeze water in plastic bottles?

Yes it is very safe. If you freeze water in a plastic bottle, the only thing that will happen is the water might be half freezes and half water. But most of it will be frozen I guarantee

If a glass bottle with water in it freezes why does it break?

Ice is less dense than water. It takes up approx 9% more space when it is frozen than in its liquid form. Therefore when the liquid in the bottle freezes it will break the bottle as it doesnt have enough room to expand in volume. This is not the case with spirits as alcohol does not freeze. It will ( Full Answer )

Does cold water freeze faster then hot?

in order to cool something you cannot add cold, you can only remove heat. in order to freeze water, you must remove enough calories of heat energy from the water to bring it to 0 degrees celsius( 32 degrees fahrenheit) one calorie is the unit which increases the temperature of one gram (one cubi ( Full Answer )

Is freezing a water bottle toxic?

no, but watch what plastic bottles you re-use... some plastic bottles breakdown over time and the chemicals release into the liquid inside

Water freezing in bottle when opened?

Water freezing in bottle when opened happens in the case ofsupercooled water. This water has been cooled below freezing pointwithout being crystallized.

How cold does moving water have to be to freeze?

That depends on how fast it is moving and more importantly how turbulent the movement is.I have heard of white water rapids in a river freezing when it was -30°C for several weeks.

How do you keep a rabbit water bottle from freezing?

Your rabbit should not be kept in conditions where his water can freeze. Rabbits prefer much of the same temperatures that we do. In the wild, they burrow underground where the temperatures are much warmer than at the surface. Yes, your rabbit may survive freezing cold temps, but he will be incredib ( Full Answer )

Can freezing water bottles release plastic particles into the water?

Just freeze a water bottle, thaw it out. shake well and look at it in the sunlight at just the proper angle (it's a bit tricky) you will see lots of small bits of plastic swirling around, looks like very small air bubbles but will fall to the bottom of bottle, so it can't be air. I have even tried t ( Full Answer )

Is it dangerous to freeze a water bottle?

So-so. The thing is that when water turns to ice it swells, so if you have it in a closed container you run the risk of the container bursting.

Why does hot water freeze before cold?

Well, it does NOT. Because hot water has to cool down first from 45-100 o C back to 0 o C and cold water only from 15-5 o C back to 0 o C. This means that 3 to 20 times more energy (heat) has to be transferred to a cooling agent (of less than 0 o C). In practice however a lot of disturbing influe ( Full Answer )

How cold is it when water freezes?

30 to 35 degrees and below (the scientists think there is an exact, but there really isn't :D) 32 degrees F

How cold for water to freeze?

Fresh water freezes At 32° F 0°C If you had water saturated with as much salt as it could hold the freezing Temperature would be Around -21°C -6°F The reason this is mentioned is to take into account sea water. And Even then you should look up a salinity psu chart to Figure out mor ( Full Answer )

What happens to water when it freezes in a plastic bottle?

the water turns into ice, just like it would have if it froze in a glass bottle or an aluminum can. While the water is turning to ice it is turning to ice the bottle will expand because a solid takes up more room than a liquid.

Why does salt water freezes faster then bottle water?

this is because the salt inside the water will freeze faster causing the water to freeze with it. hope this helps and if it does please recommend me. if you have any questions or other things you want to know just send me a message and i will try my best to answer it.

Why is there water on a cold water bottle?

Warm air can hold more moisture (humidity) than cool air. Therefore, when the air cools off and the amount of moisture in the air is too high, some water separates out from the air. This is why dew falls on a cool summer night or we get a frost some winter evenings. The water bottle example is th ( Full Answer )

How cold does the water freeze in Antarctica?

Water everywhere on earth freezes at 32 degrees F -- 0 degrees C. Around Antarctica, however, the minerals in the Southern Ocean sea water can deter freezing to about 28 degrees F.

Why did tap water freeze faster than bottled water?

Because of the impurities it contains; there are fare more 'seeds' on which ice crystals can form. ------------------------------------ 1. The difference in the freezing points is quite nonimportant. 2. Also a bottled mineral water contain more impurities than a tap water from a controlled and ( Full Answer )

Why water supply does not freeze in cold?

If the temperature is below freezing a water supply will freeze in the cold weather. The water will not freeze if the temperature is 32 degrees or more.

Is it healthy to freeze bottled water?

Yes, I do it all the time when I am going to be out all day and want something cold to drink, but have no where to keep it cold. If you freeze it the night before you can drink it as it melts and it is good and cold.

Why can't you warm or freeze water bottles?

Yes you can I have it on good authority that you can freeze anything. You can even freeze your posterior off in really cold weather. So be careful!

Can you freeze bpa free water bottles?

if the bottle has water in it you can freeze it but not for too long other wise it eill explode and the bottle will be stretched due to the particles in the water and is turning into a solid.