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Because of the word "cumulative". What that means is that the height of the graph for any value (X=x) is the number (or proportion) of observations that were less than or equal to the value x.

Now consider the cumulative value of the graph for a value of X which is bigger than x. All the previous observations were ≤ x and so they will be ≤ the newer, larger value. So the height of the cumulative graph cannot decrease. It may increase if there are any observations whose value was between x and the new value.

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Usefulness of cumulative frequency curve?

It will show you whether it is a constant rate or if it speeds up or slows down.

How do you work out a cumulitive frequency?

in a maths question, you have a table. you add up the frequency column, but every time you add something, you write it down, e.g. frequency cumulative frequency 1 1 5 6 3 9 6 15 and so on :)

What is a continuous line graph?

a continuous line graph is a graph that is similar to a broken line graph but it always grows higher and higher it never goes down. e.g. age

What is an x-coordinate?

it is a down on the graph

Explain how the graph of fx ln x be used to graph the function gx ex -1?

graph gx is the reflection of graph fx and then transformed 1 unit down

What is the frequency spectrum?

Scroll down to related links and look at "Frequency spectrum - Wikipedia"

What is the definition of line graph?

is a graph;that is used to jock down data.(uses dots and connects lines to it)

Is a vertical line up or down?

up and down it is the y axis on a graph

In GSM which frequency uplink or downlink is greater?

Up-link freq is higher than down-link freq in GSM You answer is wrong Correct answer is that, down-link frequency is greater than the up-link frequency in GSM. Up-link Frequency = 890 MHz - 915 MHz Down-link Frequency = 935 MHz - 960 MHz

What describes how to translate the graph y x to obtain the graph of y x - 6?

To translate the graph y = x to the graph of y = x - 6, shift the graph of y = x down 6 units.

What happens if the frequenCy of wave and its length increase?

That is impossible. Speed of wave c = frequency f times wavelength λ. To have a constant speed, the frequency goes up and the wavelength goes down or the frequency goes down and the wavelength goes up.

Once a graph has been created would y?

Once a graph has been created, y would be the axis which is shown up and down on the graph. The x axis is shown from left to right on the graph. Both are reference lines on a graph.

What is the frequency of the third harmonic?

It is three times the fundamental frequency. Scroll down to related links and look at "Calculations of Harmonics from Fundamental Frequency".

What is a slope when dealing with graph?

The slope for a straight line graph is the ratio of the amount by which the graph goes up (the rise) for every unit that it goes to the right (the run). If the graph goes down, the slope is negative. For a curved graph, the gradient at any point is the slope of the tangent to the graph at that point.

What does a line slanting down from left to right represent on s velocity time graph?

A slanting line down from left to right represents an acceleration on the velocity time graph.

This graph is excellent for showing business cycles?

Unfortunately the graph does not show.. But, i can tell you that business cycle is divided into: 1) introduction - start of the graph 2) growth - graph goes up 3) maturity - graph is static and slowly pointing doen 4)decline - graph starts to go down.. if your graph is this way, then the answer is yes..

A vertical or horizontal line used in graphs is called a?

Vertical and horizontal lines in most graphs are called axes (plural of axis). They create the plane on which the graph sits. The X axis is the horizontal axis and goes across the graph. The Y axis is vertical axis and goes up and down the graph. They could also be lines which depict places that the graph never touches; this would be called an asymptote.

What frequency does H2O breakdown?

By this I mean is there a particular electrical pulse width or frequency that H2O breaks down?

If a wave's wave length increases what happens to its frequency?

It goes down. Wavelength is inversely proportional to the frequency

What happens to a graph if the y intercept is changed?

The point that moves (if none a new point is made) goes up or down the graph. Up is a positive number. Down is a negative number.

Why is it not possible to increase the wavelength and frequency at the same time?

Wavelength times frequency equals speed (of the wave). Therefore, unless you also change the speed, if wavelength goes up, frequency goes down, and vice versa.Wavelength times frequency equals speed (of the wave). Therefore, unless you also change the speed, if wavelength goes up, frequency goes down, and vice versa.Wavelength times frequency equals speed (of the wave). Therefore, unless you also change the speed, if wavelength goes up, frequency goes down, and vice versa.Wavelength times frequency equals speed (of the wave). Therefore, unless you also change the speed, if wavelength goes up, frequency goes down, and vice versa.

How do you step down frequency and voltage from an AC generator?

You step down voltage from an AC generator with a transformer.You step down frequency from an AC generator with a motor/generator set, or with an inverter. This is not a common thing to do.

What is the difference between a broken line graph and a line graph?

A line graph basically shows it going straight up. (or a steady rate) A broken line graph will have numbers all over the place. It will be going up and down and up and down. Maybe for a example the numbers will be 10 then 50 then 2 then 100. So as you can see that graph will have lines going everywhere! hope i helped.

The best type of graph to use to show how some fixed quantity is broken down into parts is?

Line Graph. Line Graph. * * * * * A pie chart is much more effective.

If f(x) is the graph of f(x) translated down 2 units?

f(x) cannnot be a graph of itself translated down by anything other than 0 units.

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