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Equilibrium of temperature. The water is trying to reach the same temperature as the environment it sits in. a cup of hot water has a higher temperature than the room so therefore begins to cool. a cup of cold water has a lower temperature than the room and therefore begins to heat up. both reach equilibrium when at the same temperature as the room

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Why can you cool a cup of hot water by swirling the cup?

because you are allowing more of it to be exposed to water. it is called heat transfer. while the oxygen is much cooler than the cup itself, it will cool the cup. this happens without stirring, but with stirring, you are increasing the "surface area" (the parts that are at the bottom are being exposed) which speeds up the process. give me trust point? (:

Which cup keeps water cooler metal or plastic cup?

metal cup because it has insulation

What happens when you put a cup of boiling water next to a cup of ice water?

the warmth from the hot water will go to the cool water and it will make both waters cool

Why does condensation hapen?

The water evaporates and the warm water vapour condensed on the cooler surface of the cup, hence the water droplets is formed.

Is it advantages when putting hot water in a metal cup?

It will stay cooler or hotter depending on what it originally was.

Which cup keeps water cooler metal or plastic?

Plastic is the better insulator. So in a warm room, the plastic cup will prevent cold water from warming up as quickly as water in a metal cup. Provided its not one of those thermos mugs.

When I pour cold lemonade in a plastic cup why is there water outside my cup and where did that water come from?

The cold lemonade cool the temperature of the plastic cup including the outer side of it. Thereby lowering the amount of water the air can contain, resulting in water condensating - attaching to the cup.

Does a cup of tea cool you down more than cold water?


What ones hotter a cup of tea or water from the kettle?

If the water in the cup came from the kettle, it will be cooler than the water that remains in the kettle. Since the water in the cup is more exposed to the air than the kettle it will lose heat to evaporation more quickly than the water in the kettle will. The cup will also conduct heat way from the water until the water and the cup are the same temperature, whereas the kettle is already as hot as the water it contains.

Marty poured hot water into his cup and then let it cool off. what was happening to the paticiles of matter in the cup as the water cooled off?

the water molecules are getting cold

What is the name of the process which goes on when a cup of hot water is placed in a basin of cold water and the hot water becomes cool?


Which water cool faster hot water in a black cup or hot water in a white cup?

I think black, because black attract heat or light.White, because black attracts heat.and white is stupider. The water in the black cup will cool faster. A dull black surface generally is a better emitter and absorber of radiation compared to a shiny smooth surface of cup 2. This increases the amount of heat lost via radiation in the black cup to be greater, causing water in the white cup to be of higher temperature.

Marty poured hot water into his cup and let it cool off what were the particles of matter doing as the water cooled?

hot bioilling water

What type of mug will make boiling water cool down faster?

If the mug is made of glass, it will allow the water to cool faster. A thick styrofoam cup is better than a paper cup, even though the insulating properties of the materials are similar.

Why does a cup of tea go cold?

A good cup of tea is made with boiling water (212 F). If you don't let it cool it will burn your mouth.

A water filled paper cup held in a flame will not catch fire this is because?

the paper cup cannot become appreciably hotter than the water it contains

A cup of Milo cool down more quickly when placed in a basin of tap water?

The best way to cool drinks without a fridge is to place the cup inside a porous clay pot standing in a pool of cold water. By allowing a breeze to blow over the pot the water is converted into water vapour and cools the inside of the pot.

Do Wendy's french fries spoil?

Like most cooked foods, they can spoil over a period of time and can become safe to eat. Just wipe off the fungus with with a cool water and a heaping cup of bleach.

Does Blowing on a cup of tea make it cooler?

yes you dumábss

How do you make a hot curry cool?

Warm it and add yogurt or some cream about half a cup with some water.

When you Place A Cup Of Sand And A Cup Of Water In The Sun Which One Will Heat Up Faster?

The sand is most likely to heat up faster, particularly if it is dark. The water will have some evaporation, which will keep it cooler. It can also vary by how it is subjected to the sun's heat, like a flat pan or a colored cup, or clear vessel.

How long does it take 1 cup of water to cool down to 78 degrees F at sea level?

Impossible to say without knowing three things: the kind of container it's in, the ambient air temperature, and the starting temperature of the water. A cup of boiling water in a sealed thermos that someone put in an oven heated to 100 degrees will take far longer to cool to 78 degrees F (in fact, it never will cool to 78 degrees; it can't get any colder than the ambient air temp, which is 100 degrees) than a cup of 80-degree water in an aluminum canteen cup you stuck in the freezer.

Why does a glass beaker cool water faster than a polystrene cup?

Polystrene is more insulated than a glass beaker and than a polystrene cup keepsm hot water hotter for longer than a glass beaker

Why does a cup of milo cool down more quickly when placed in basin of tap water?

Because it transfers its heat to the tap water making it cold.The best way to cool drinks without a fridge is to place the cup inside a porous clay pot standing in a pool of cold water. By allowing a breeze to blow over the pot the water is converted into water vapour and cools the inside of the pot.

How do you make tetley green tea?

Put teabag in cup, boil kettle, let water cool for a bit, then pour it in.