Why does a dance host on a cruise ship have to sign a waiver releasing the agent and cruise company from liability and does his travel insurance cover him and what happens if the ship sinks?

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The waiver pertains to liability of injury while dancing. Dancing on a stage is dangerous because of lighting conditions, and cruise ship stages are especially dangerous because of the added motion of the ship. Injuries to cruise ship dancers are fairly common, and the waiver is to safeguard the company against lawsuits. The dancer does however have insurance to cover medical expenses. If the ship sinks, the dancer is used as a floatation device. If we are adrift at sea for more than two days, the dancer can be used for food. In all seriousness, the dancer has as much chance in the middle of the ocean as any other person for survival. There are enough life boats for all crew and passengers -- dancers and all.
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Should you buy travel insurance for a cruise through the cruise line or your travel agent?

Purchasing Travel Medical Insurance . Actually, anyone you purchase insurance from is going to make money on it. Neither the cruise line nor the travel agent charge extra commission on top of the cost of insurance. The insurance company writes the insurance for a set amount. They pay commission f ( Full Answer )

How long does it take a cruise ship to travel around the world?

This is a difficult question, as cruise ships have different top speeds, and what route would the ship take? Can it fit through the Panama Canal? Are you asking about the length of a World Cruise which includes stops at many ports, or simply how long would it take a ship to travel from New York, go ( Full Answer )

How long does it take to travel by cruise ship from NY to Miami?

2 days non stop more if you stop at other ports. If you are only going to take cruise ship to get to Miami then its better to take a drive. It would be cheaper, but if you like to relax and enjoy for a few more days, then take the cruise with stops and activities on the way.

Are all meals covered on a cruise ship?

MOST meals are included in your cruise vacation. The 'main' dining rooms, room service, and the buffet are generally included.. Your ship may offer 'specialty' or 'alternative' dining options, which are available for a small cover charge. Think of this as an upgrade to your cruise, where you can ge ( Full Answer )

Who invented the first cruise ship?

No one single person invented the first cruise ship, they evolved over a period of decades, with contributions being made to design changes during this time from dozens of nautical engineers and naval architects. Up until late Victorian times, the idea of taking an ocean cruise for fun, or as a hol ( Full Answer )

What happened to the cruise ship Lusatania?

The Lusatania was a American ship that sank and everyone blamed it on Germany. It killed 1,198 people including 139 Americans. It was one of the reasons America joined the war. :)

What Companies own cruise ships?

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines . Ship: Oasis of the sea. Launch Date: November 2009. Tour: Caribbean. Passengers: 6400. Cruise Crew Needed: 1650. Description: Includes an AquaTheater, two climbing walls and the first on board zip line and carousel, Oasis of the Seas will be the worlds largest sh ( Full Answer )

How can you get a job as a female dance host on a cruise ship?

first get your eye on a nice cruise ship and diel the number tell them that you want a job to dance on this cruise ship them you meet up in a place then show him how you can dane and walla!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you got the job!!!!

What is a cruise ship?

A cruise ship is a very large ship, usually carrying hundreds of passengers, that tours various areas or countries while providing comfortable living arrangements aboard. They usually have a variety of shops, restaurants, boutiques, and services for the guests. The range of accommodations ranges f ( Full Answer )

What happens if you get arrested while on a cruise ship?

It depends on the offense. Ultimately, the captain has first and last word of what happens to you if arrested at sea; however, he will be answerable to his actions when he returns to land. Almost every cruise ship has a brig, or ship "jail" in which a person may be kept until he or she can be tur ( Full Answer )

Where do Carnival Cruise Ships send their ships that are not on a cruise?

Cruise lines do not often have ships that are not being used. When the heavy cruise season ends at one place in the world, it is usually just beginning in another.. Most ships do have a time every few years when they are in what is called "dry dock" when they make minor repairs or renovations. Dry ( Full Answer )

What is there to do on a cruise ship?

OMG EVERYTHING! You can go to the buffet, go to a restaurant, stay in your room, socialize, play games in the arcade, swim, go to the gym, if you're docked at land, you can leave the ship and explore, and SO much more. Cruise ships treat you like royalty. :)

Does a cruise ship have blades under it for travel?

Blades? I don't know..... but... most cruise ships are equipped with stabilizers that could be described as "blades" although, I think of them as wings. Look up ship's stabilization systems. This may be what you are thinking of.

What does a cruise ship have on it?

Well, it depends on the company. Pools with play structures and tubes are quite often included. Shows, buffet dinners, and sometimes gambling is available. Dances, music and lots of entertainment is included. And then there are tours at the ports of call.

How many miles per hour does a cruise ship travel?

A cruise ship travels 1950 miles per trip. The ship makes a total of 4 stops, and the distance to the first stop is 460 miles. If the variable d stands for the distance left to travel after the first stop, which of the following units could apply to this variable?

How are cruise ships made?

Basically much as any ship, the difference being the passenger accommodation and services necessary. It's still essentially a huge steel fabrication, with a lot of other materials and fittings pertinent to purpose.

How long does it take a cruise ship to travel 1280 miles?

This will vary based on the cruise ship and how fast it is going.Most cruise ships travel at the speed of 21 to 24 knots per hour. 1 knot = 1.15 mph. 21 knots is equal to 24.15 mph so it would take you approximately53 hours to travel 1280 miles.

What happened to the cruise ship Norway?

SS France was a Compagnie Générale Transatlantique (CGT, or French Line) ocean liner, constructed by the Chantiers de l'Atlantique shipyard at Saint-Nazaire, France, and put into service in February 1962. France was later purchased by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) in 1979, renamed SS Norw ( Full Answer )

Which cruise line has the most cruise ships?

It will be a close draw between Royal Caribbean International and Carnival Cruise line. Both are the big players in the Cruising industry as both have 22 ships (if you include Allure of the Seas). Although they have a very similar cruising concept they offer very different experiences onboard. If yo ( Full Answer )

What cruise ship company is best?

Based on the activities and food services the best cruises to go on are: Royal Caribbean Norwegian Jewel Celebrity Millennium Carnival Princess Cruises

What happened on the carnival cruise ship that sunk 2012?

It's too soon to be certain of the cause, but the owners of the ship have claimed that the captain diverted from the preplanned course for the ship and moved too close to the land. I think it is to be scrapped. You can probably find out on cruisecritic.com to find out for sure.

What happened to the cruise ship off the coast of Italy?

The captain was being stupid and sailed too close to a rock, he thought he had missed it but the ship crashed into the part of the rock under the sea. The captain then abandoned the ship which is illegal. Also because the ship was over turned half the life boats were unreachable.

How did the Italian cruise ship disaster happen?

From what i could tell this accident happened when the captain ran aground on a bed of rocks. While the passengers were scrambling for their lives, the captain "accidentally" fell into a lifeboat and abandoned the site.

Which cruise ship lines travel to Puerto Vallarta?

The cruise ship line that travel to Puerto Vallarta is Carnival Cruise Ships. One can call ahead and make reservations at 1.888.227.6482 or email customer service on their web.

How do you sink a cruise ship?

Stay in the private dining room with a good looking blonde while the ship runs aground... (see Costa Concordia)

The Caribbean Princess cruise ship travels where?

The Carribean Princess cruise ship travels to the eastern, western and southern Carribean sea. These cruises sail from Houston or Ft. Lauderdale to the Western Caribbean where one is able to explore treasures of the ancient Mayans in Belize, Costa Maya, and the Island of Cozumel.

What was the last cruise ship to sink?

It was a passenger ship that sunk off the Italian coast. It was in2012 and 32 people died . It had hit a underwater rock off of Isoladel Giglio.