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I would think it's for your tv.Your rack acts as your antenna.

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What types of hardware connecting components are there?

Generally, cables or tracks.

Windows creates what during the installation which contains information about all installed hardware?

Windows creates setupapi.log file that tracks each piece of installed hardware.

What is the process of Tracks and sector markings are written to a hard drive before it leaves the factory?

reed memory

Where can you find Rune Factory 3 voice tracks?

If you go on youtube and type in a rune factory 3 girl you like such as pai or raven, you should be able to find there voice track. Thier voice track is in japaness and english.

Where are the wrong side of the tracks?

The "wrong side of the tracks" refers to the fact that in the United States, poor people's neighborhoods, the shanties and flop houses of laborers are generally not located near the nicer neighborhoods where the factory owners and shop-keepers live, and in fact are often separated from them by the railroad tracks, which were the economic life-line of the previous century. Thus the wrong side of the tracks is the part of town where the poor people live.

What are overhead cranes?

Overhead cranes are variously structured machines that "travel" along a runway structure or pair of tracks located above the work floor of a plant or factory

Why was track lighting invented?

In track lighting, lights are installed on tracks made of plastic or aluminum. It is a contemporary lighting styling recently created to make lighting more versatile.

How are frog tracks different from lizard tracks?

lizard tracks are long and skinny, while frog tracks are short and wide.

How do you download the tracks from mx vs ATV unleashed i went to mcm factory and have the game but can't run in in the game help?

you have to go to the mx vs atv unleashed folder. Data>usertracks and put the map to there. go in the game and look for user tracks. have fun and play the map

Does the platypus have tracks?

yes they do have tracks!

Free backing tracks for Elvis Presley?

backing tracks free Elvis tracks

How many tracks are on a high density floppy disk?

There are no tracks on it until you put tracks on it.

Where was the track excavator invented?

I recently saw an episode on the History Channel2 on, I do believe it was Modern Marvels. It started as a steam shovel on the railroad tracks for digging hillsides to further the railroad. They would dig and then lay more track. Then I do believe a company in Erie, PA eventually installed steel tracks over the railroad "wheels"to make it more mobile and not limited to only being on the railroad tracks. Hope this helps you

What has the author Chris Stall written?

Chris Stall has written: 'Animal tracks of Alaska' -- subject(s): Animal tracks, Identification 'Animal Tracks of the Pacific Northwest' 'Animal tracks of southern California' -- subject(s): Animal tracks, Birds, Mammals 'Animal tracks of the Rocky Mountains' -- subject(s): Animal tracks, Birds, Mammals 'Animal tracks of Texas' -- subject(s): Animal tracks, Identification

Where can you dowload karaoke tracks?

For karaoke tracks or backing tracks with lyrics you can try this website

How long are middle school track and field tracks usually?

Outdoor middle school tracks are typically 400m tracks, same as HS and Olympic tracks. Indoor tracks are usually 200m, but are not typically used in MS.

What is the tracks for train called?

train tracks or a railroad

Do bat tracks look like bird tracks?


Are train tracks magnetic?

Train tracks are magnetic.

When is spirit tracks?

spirit tracks is released in 2009.

How many meters is a track and field?

there are 2 types of tracks 400 meter tracks and 300 meter tracks.

Which one of Rihanna CD has 21 tracks?

None of Rihanna's CDs have 21 tracks. Her CD with the most tracks is Good Girl Gone bad: Reloaded, with 17 tracks.

When were the steel railroad tracks invented?

well in 1822 I guess that's when trains where invented and you cant have a train without tracks, its just silly. ya but their is wooden tracks, iron tracks, and steel tracks and thats what people want to know

What are train tracks made of?

Railroad tracks are made from steel.

How many tracks where in the beatles first album?

14 tracks