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You have grounded to the radio light wire, not the ground. It is a negative wire that is in the harness, and when you turn on headlights you blow the dash lights. Remove your radio ground from the car, and find a new ground. It should be a large black and green wire (larger than all the others). replace the fuse, and turn on the will see your old ground wire is actually hot now. Common mistake, and it tests like ground wire with lights OFF, but not on. Relentless

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Q: Why does a fuse blow everytime the headlights are turned on while playing the stereo in a 1990 Ford Mustang LX?
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What does stereo illumination on a stereo mean?

Illumination is the ability to lighten the screen or darken the screen with the other dash lights on the vehicle. normally you will have two orange wires coming from the cars wiring harness one with a white stripe one without. The orange/white wire will make the stereo dim or brighten with the dash lights. the solid orange wire will dim/brighten the stereo with the headlights. so if it is night you will have the headlights on, when you turn the headlights on the stereo dims so the light from the stereo will not blind you at night. while the headlights are off the stereo will be bright so the stereo light will be visible in the daytime

What are car stereo wiring color codes for a mustang?

Car stereo wiring color codes for a Mustang can be seen on a diagram. The diagram may be found in an owner manual or request from the stereo company.

You had installed a brand new CD in dash stereo in your 1977 corvette and now when you turn on the headlights it will knock off the stereo until you turn the headlights off again Anyone have an idea a?

The headlights turn off because you have accidently hooked the stereo's power wire onto the headlight relay wire. When you turn on the stereo, there's not enough power left to run the headlight relay. Thus, no headlights. Re-wire the stereo.

Why do your headlights Dim when you turn your Stereo up on your 2004 Chevy Impala LS?

It is important to know what is going on inside of a vehicle. The headlights dim when a stereo is turned on or turned up because power is being drawn away from the lights to the stereo.

What are the release dates for Motorz - 2010 Mustang Stereo 1-11?

Motorz - 2010 Mustang Stereo 1-11 was released on: USA: 18 April 2010

What is the song ...on the stereo?

whatever song you happen to be playing on the stereo

Why when you turn on headlights stereo turns off on jeep Cherokee?

I'm guessing your stereo is aftermarket. If so, then whoever installed it did it wrong or tried something tricky.

What is the wiring codes for a 1992 mustang LX car stereo?

try here.....

How come you can only get your radio to work if you turn on your headlights on your 95 pathfinder?

The stereo is wired wrong. In this case it sounds like the ground wire of the stereo is hooked to the dimmer circuit. The ground wire of the stereo should be connected to the vehicle chassis.

How do you wire a 1979 Ford Mustang for a new stereo?

buy a wiring harness adapter from your local Walmart or Radio Shack

Connecting an iPod to the stereo can be done how?

An iPod can be connected to a stereo system for the purpose of playing music stored on the iPod with the quality of a stereo system. An iPod can be connected to a stereo either through a dock, or with the headphone jack on the iPod connected to the Aux In port of the stereo.

My radio only works when the headlights are on in your 99 Chrysler sebring JXI does anyone know what could be causing this?

If it is an aftermarket stereo then i would say that the installer tied into the dashboard illumination or headlight power wire for 12 volt power for the stereo.

How do you remove a factory stereo from a 2000 Ford Mustang?

I am having the same problem. Got the tool used to do it, but no luck pulling it out. I am about to try a crowbar LOL

What car CD player will fit in the dash of a 2003 Mustang?

Just about most will, but you should go to a car stereo place and check with them for specific models.

How do you remove a stereo from a Mustang?

There are two U shaped tools that you can buy from an auto parts store (Very cheap). You simply put them into the the small holes on either side of the stereo and they disable to locking mechanisms. Very easy to do. The radio then slides straight out.

When do you need a cap for your car stereo?

When driving at night and you see you headlights dimming when the bass hits. The rule is 1 frad for every 1000 watts If you buy a cap.

Your jvc car stereo is not playing usb?

This isn't a question therefore it cannot be answered.

Turn head lights on stereo light goes off in 2003 Nissan Sentra?

The stereo light should not go out. It should get dimmer though. They assume that if your headlights are on, it is dark outside and you don't need as much light to read the radio display as you would in bright light.

What bands start with the word stereo?

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Is the 2004 Mazda3 stock stereo capable of playing CD's burned in MP3 format?

I do not believe it is. I know the stock stereo from the 2006 Mazda 3 does not support mp3 cds.

How do you stop a new stereo losing its memory everytime you turn the ignition off on an L reg Astra Merit?

Check wiring diagram one wire should be "constant hot" for memory

What causes headlights to dim and smoke come from the vent?

it is probably a short circuit if it is dimming your lights. the smoke is burning insulation on the wires. it must be an wire that is not protected by a fuse. do you have an aftermarket stereo?

How do you remove the factory stereo from a 1998 ford mustang?

The vehicle should have a pop apart dash. Though it requires a specialty tool which fits into the two holes on the sides of the radio.

What is a 2din stereo?

a double din stereo is a stereo that is twice as tall as a regular stereo

What Fuse is for the stereo in a Infiniti J30?

driverside left kickpanel fusebox cover will state size of fuse[amp] and device they serve for example[headlights,dome int. light,radio ,etc.