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Why does a garage door opener with or without the door hooked open only a foot or two and then stop and does the same if the door is open and you try to close it?

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2011-07-06 19:49:12

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I am not a garage door opener technician, only a user for many

years. The following answer is based on my experience, and

hopefully will be replaced or improved by a professional.

Many garage door opener manufacturers, in order to make their

product SAFER, have added a circuit in the motor, which measures

the amount and changes in the operating electrical current. The

purpose of this is to detect anything blocking the movement of the

door [e.g., a child, a person, a pet, a vehicle, etc.] Even

"dragging" bearings/bushing INSIDE the motor can cause this.

Upon detection, the door is supposed to stop, and, sometimes,

even return to its previous stopped position [usually full open].

ANYTHING, which causes the door motor to "work harder," can trick

that detector and cause the situation you describe.

If there is nothing blocking the door, I have found that

"dragging" rollers, or bearings/bushings inside the motor,can cause

the problem. If this is the cause in your case, then you probably

can correct it.

First, carefully CLEAN all accumulated dust, dirt, lint,

cobwebs, grease, etc from the tracks, the rollers, and the roller

axles. Then carefully lubricate all roller bearings/axles with JUST

2 or 3 DROPS each of any clean oil. Do NOT overlubricate as this

just encourages more accumulation of debris.

Another possibility is that some, or all, of the rollers and/or

their bearings/bushings are worn out, causing the drag, and then it

will be necessary to replace them. These parts are usually

available at your local hardware stores, or home improvement

warehouses like Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.

IF your problem is caused by "drag," then proper cleaning and

lubrication will fix the problem. Also, drag can be caused by

misalignment of any of the tracks, and or bending damage to the

door or tracks. Good luck 1 j3h

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