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Why does a golfball have dimples on its surface?

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What has 336 dimples?

a golfball!

What is the dimples on a golfball for?

They allow the ball to fly, and make it aerodynamic.

Howmany dimples are on a golfball?

On an average Golf Ball there 336 Dimples. A lot of others have several more.

Surface area of a golfball in cm?

Surface area of a sphere (the golfball) = 4*pi*radius2 square cm

How many dimples are on a regulation golfball?

Anywhere form 300-450 depending on your brand of ball.

What kind of golfball is on the moon?

A golf that is non-circular sickle-shaped dimples looks like a moon but this golf ball is design for better performance.

What are the little dimples on the surface of nucleus?

The pores.

What weighs the same as a golfball?

Another golfball!

Can you throw a baseball or a golfball farthest?

Golfball by far.

How do they put dimples on a golf ball?

Dimples are placed on a golfball by a large machine called a Ball Stamper, made by American Industrial Equipment Corporation, which was first founded on February 22nd of 1842 by James Marshall Windham III. The first one could only place 2 of the 336 dimples on a ball in one second. It took almost 2 minutes to place all 336 dimples on one ball! The latest models can put all 336 dimples on the ball instantly, on up to 6000 balls at a time. That's over 2 million dimples at once!

What is the density of a golfball?

The density of golfball is less then density of water

Does the golfball off the green hit first if the golfball on the green is further?


What is a 3 letter word golfer put his golfball?

A golfer places a golfball on a tee.

What is the phenotype of an individual with one allele for dimples and on allele for no dimples?

This would depend on whether the allele for dimples is dominant or recessive. If the allele for dimples is dominant and the no dimples allele is recessive then the phenotype of the individual would be dimpled. If the allele for no dimples is dominant and the allele for no dimples is recessive then the dimples will not be expressed. If these alleles are codominant then the dimples will be expressed but not as much as in an individual who has both alleles for dimples.

Dimples are a dominant characteristic If one parent does not have dimples and one parent is heterozygous for dimples what chance does a child have for getting dimples?

If one parent does not have dimples and one parent is heterozygous for dominant dimples, a child has a 50% chance of inheriting dimples.

What nicknames did Dimples Cooper go by?

Dimples Cooper went by Dimples.

Do you have to have dimples to get your dimples pierced?

Well, to have to have dimples to get your dimples pierced. Otherwise it's just getting your cheeks pierced(:

A golf ball has a diameter of 4.1cm and the surface has 150 dimples of radius 2mm Calculate the total surface area?

You didn't finish the question but I assume that you mean the surface area minus the area of the dimples. The surface area of a sphere is 4π*r^2 and since the diameter is 4.1 cm, the radius is half of that or 2.05 cm. Hence the surface area of a sphere of radius 2.05 = 4*π*(2.05)^2 =52.8101725 cm^2 ---------- Now for the dimples. They are circles taken out of the surface of the sphere and hence each has an area of π*r^2 and there are 150 of these. One cm is 10 mm (cm is hundredth, mm is thousandth) So the radius of the dimples is 0.2cm 150 * π * (0.2)^2 = 150 * π * (0.04) = 6πcm^2 = 18.8495556 cm^2 ---------- Now we subtract the area of the dimples from the area of the sphere: 52.8101725 cm^2 18.8495556 cm^2 ------------------------------- Subtract 33.9606165 cm^2 ANSWER: 33.9606165 cm^2 is the surface area of the golf ball minus the area of the dimples.

What is the genotype of having dimples?

D and d are alleles for dimples, DD and Dd have dimples but kk does not have dimples. The gene responsible for dimples is present in chromosome number 16.

What is the diameter of a golfball?


You want dimples how do you get them?

You can't really MAKE dimples. Dimples are completely genetic.

How do you know if you have dimples?

If you have dimples you can see them.

If you have dimples will your child have dimples?

Not necessarily, dimples are a dominant gene and if neither you nor your spouse passed it on, the baby will not have dimples. The chance of your child not having dimples is probably 1/4. However, if BOTH your parents have dimples, it is possible there will be a 100% chance of the baby having dimples. It's complicated. Basically there is a three fourths chance of dimples.

Are dimples a birth defect?

Yes dimples are a birth defect (coming from a person with dimples.)

What is 'dimples' when translated from English to Italian?

"Dimples" in English is fossette in Italian.