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Why does a guinea pig bite?


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May 28, 2007 3:06PM

A guinea pig might bite for several easons. The most obvious is that it feels threatened, or it is scared. If you wake it up or make sudden moves, it might bite you thinking you're a predator. It might also have young, in which it would protect them by any means necessary. If you just recently got it, that could also be the reason: it doesn't know you. If this is the case, give it some delicacies like fresh fruits or organic yogurt, while making sure it gets your scent. Your guinea pig probably feels threatened and bites to protect itself. Give him/her a couple of days to get used to you. Start small with gently petting him, offering him vegetables. He'll warm up to you. When you hold him, use both hands so he doesn't think you are going to drop him. Good luck.