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Perhaps because he desires and loves you so much that he can't think straight. Or, that he is afraid of losing you, and is worrying about whether his actions are correct, or appropriate. Or, he is in a situation which is overwhelming him, making him worry about it all the time. Try hugging him, holding him, talking to him, reassuring him. Don't try to take him to bed, because he might feel pressured to the point where he could not perform.

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Why does the guy you like act so weird around you but you think he likes you?

its cause hes so nervous

What does it mean when a guy constantly calls another guy your boyfriend when he isn't?

Hes either playin around or hes jealous.

How do you know when a guy is dreaming about you?

He will look at you in a strange way like hes thinking about a dream and he will act differently around you. He might even tell you.

How will a guy who likes you act around you when he has a girlfriend?

Hes funny, cool and collected. Hell talk to you about alot of things, and hell look at you with wanting eyes.

You like a guy hes popular and your not what do you do?

just act normal talk to him..and just be normal :) any one who doesnt like you for who you are then hes not worth it :)

How do you get a guy to like you when your eleven and hes fourteen?

show of when hes around and act cool.... also lots of guys like you if your good at sports and you wear cute clothes... sorry if this answer doesn't help you =( Also BE YOURSELF! bye! =) <3

What are the signs of a guy in love?

he will look at the person alot and act a little mean when hes round her with his friends

Why does your married friend act weird around you only when his wife and mutual friends are around?

Well,He could trying to be something hes not Or hes trying to get attention

Why does your boyfriend act weird around you?

he shouldnt...and if he does then hes not a very good boyfriend.

Does the guy you like like you back?

If a guy likes you he will tell you dont wait around for him to finally realize how great you are go for the guy you know likes you hes the real keeper. especially if hes bold enough to tell you.

What if you asked a guy out and you think he will say no?

just ask him when hes not busy and not around his friends

Does a guy really like you if he jokes around a lot with you at work?

Yes, yes hes does...

What do it mean when a guy doesn't wont you around his friends?

Maybe hes embarrased that he likes you.

I am interested in a guy who is quite but not exactly shy. he's my one of my ex's best friends and sometimes I think he may like me back. so how do you know if a quite guy likes you?

If hes quiet, check if hes only quiet around you, if hes quiet around everyone, then it could be harder to find out. If hes only quiet around you, it most likely means he likes you. :) hope it helps

The guy you like knows you like him but hes dating someone?

try to act sexy around him or hang with your girls around him. if that doesn't work, be good friends with the girl he's dating. that way if you go to an event with her he'll want to come.

Nervous around your boyfriend?

If you are nervous around someone you supposedly love either you are too paranoid or hes not the right guy for you

How do you when a guy is cheating on you?

hes out late, he stutters when you ask if hes cheating or where hes been...

Who discovered the piscies constellation?

Some random guy who nobody knows cos hes dead. Some random guy who nobody knows cos hes dead. Some random guy who nobody knows cos hes dead. Some random guy who nobody knows cos hes dead. Some random guy who nobody knows cos hes dead. Some random guy who nobody knows cos hes dead.

How do you do get a guy to love a girl?

just dress like a normal girl and act like hes not even there. he will eventually fall for the girl.

This guy I liked pretended to like me and I was so heartbroken when I found out the truth how can I move on?

Forget about him! Hes a jerk! ignore him and never talk to him and act like hes a peice of dirt on the road because he is there are guys out there for you so don't think every guy is like that!

Do guys like to hug girls when a guy put his arm around a girl neck?

Its actually a form of love. The guy, obviously , wants more of you. If hes your type go along with it. And if hes not .. politely ask him not to do it anymore.

If a guy met a girl for the first time and farts does that mean hes comfortable around the girl?

yes it does! but it could also mean that hes gross or it could be an accent

What does it mean when a guy puts his head on your lap?

It can mean a variety of things, but most of all it means that the guy feels comfortable enough around you to get closer to you.also it means hes ok with you and he really likes you or maybe hes tired.

If a guy kisses a girl's hair?

Depends who the guy is. If hes a boyfriend hes just playing. If its a friend then he probably fancies you.

How does a teenager ask a guy out?

You dont you get him to ask you out hes the guy!!!!!!!!