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I don't know who you are hanging out with, but generally the young girls I know (I'm older now) really like guys that share their feelings. Men have a right to express how they feel or even cry if they so choose and it doesn't mean they are weak. Anyone that would pick on you because of this has a brain the size of a pea. The secret is, everyone has feelings, but some young people try to act 'cool' and internalize everything then go home and either have a temper tantrum, cry their eyes out or phone someone they trust and tell all. I admire a person that is confident enough to express their feelings and I certainly admired the guys I dated when younger when they did so. It humanized them and I didn't get the feeling it was all about sex and nothing else. Don't be in a constant turmoil, always sad and a 'downer', but if you have a good reason for expressing yourself then choose one close friend and stick to that. If you are dating then get to know the girl, observe her around other people and their feelings and you'll know if you can trust her with your private thoughts. Don't change! You have every right to express yourself.

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Q: Why does a guy get picked on for sharing his feelings?
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Is a guy in love with you if he hides his feelings?

Hiding his feelings is not proof that he loves you, and it is also not proof that he does not love you. Typically, guys don't go in for all the feeling sharing stuff.

What do you do if a guy doesn't have feelings for you?

If a guy doesn't have feelings for you and you have feelings for him, just be friends. Maybe if he gets to know you, he may start to have feelings for you.

What does it mean when a guy says he has feelings for you?

That he probably has feelings for you

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Would a girl dislike a guy for admitting he has feelings for her?

This girl may dislike a guy for admitting feelings or mayby she might have for the guy.

Define interpersonal communication?

The sharing of thoughts and feelings with other people.

What word means the process of sharing information thoughts or feelings?


How do you break up with a guy with out hearting his feelings?

If the guy really loves you there is no way to break up with him without hurting his feelings....

What do you call a woman who is liked by a guy so she gets another guy to hurt the feelings of the guy that likes her and makes him jealous and she really hurts his feelings?

Someone to avoid

How do you get rid of a guy?

By telling him your feelings.

What does a guy mean when he tells a girl he has feelings of love for her?

What a guy always mean when he tells a girl he has feelings of love for her is that he has strong affection for her.

Why is this guy keeping his distance from you after you told him you had feelings for him?

Sadly, it does look as though he does not have feelings for you. Sadly, it does look as though he does not have feelings for you.

Why is Facebook called Facebook?

Face - People and their moods and feelings. Book - for the members Basically its for sharing your feelings with other and keeping in contact with them.! :D

What if a girl told a guy she loved him?

she most likely has strong feelings towards this guy and if this guy has strong feelings towards her he should express it to her in a way that is appropiate but if the guy is not feeling the same way he needs to let her know that they can be friends so she does not get led on and have her feelings hurt or her heart broke

How can you tell a guy has feelings for you or if he loves you?

A person can tell that a guy has feelings for you or that he loves you by the way he treats you. He should be affectionate and caring whenever possible.

How do you convince your boyfriend that you have no feelings for your guy best friend?

Tell him, "If I had feelings for him, I'd be his girlfriend.

Will a guy tell his friends about you including his feelings for you if he likes you?

it all depends on the guy

How can you tell if a guy has feelings for you?

If he likes you, you will know.

What is an example of irony in the book The Giver?

I would say the 'sharing of feelings' during dinner. Even the Giver points out to Jonas that they are the only ones with feelings.

How do you know if your guy friend has feelings for you but he never tells you n he kisses you n all that?

usually if a guy kisses a girl that means that they have feelings for that girl

Are you more likely to believe a guy who is shy and hides his feelings about you or a guy who just blurts out his feelings very quick to you?

ya sure why not because after loving and knowing him i can definitely understand him and so also his feelings about me....

How do you tell your guy friend that you do not have anymore romantic feelings for then who now has feelings for you without hurting his feelings?

just tell the guy your sorry and that you dont like him or her but say it nice and tell him that you're still his friend.

Why did ponyboy think it was better seeing socs as just guy?

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What does it mean if you have mixed feelings for a guy?

It means you are unsure and should take a break from him and sort out your feelings.

What if im going out with a guy and his feelings are just friend feelings?

then maybe you should be just friends