Why does a magnet attract iron?

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Iron is a magnetic element therefore it will be attracted by a magnet.

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Does iron attract a magnet?

It is the magnet that attracts the iron.

Why does the magnet attract iron objects?

the magnet attracts to iron by the magnetic field both the iron and the magnet have

Does lead attract to a magnet?

No.just Iron,Nickel,Cobalt attract to a magnet

Does a magnet attract iron?

Yes, a magnet will attract iron. This is because iron is a type of magnetic substance, and the magnet can penetrate it to increase the magnetic field and draw it near it.

What happens when you put a magnet wrapped in cling film nearby iron and sulphur?

The magnet will attract the iron, but will not attract the sulphur.

How do you separate iron fillings from small pieces of magnesium?

You can use a magnet to attract the iron filings. Magnesium is not magnetic.

Can a magnet attract iron?

Yes. Iron is ferrous.

Why iron attract by magnet?

Iron is a magnetic object.

Does magnet always attract silver?

Magnet never attract silver. It only attract to iron, steel and nickel.

What is a magnet really?

attract iron

Does iron sulfide attract to magnet?


How can a magnet attract a piece of iron that is not magnet?

Iron is a magnetic material, it conducts metal.

Can gold attract a magnet?

No, a metal must have iron in it to attract a magnet.

How is the mixture of sand and iron filling is separated with the help of magnet?

The magnet will attract the iron and separate then iron from the sand. The sand will be left and the iron will be on the magnet.

What is a material that attract iron and material that contain iron?

A magnet

What is the difference between iron and magnet?

Magnet attract things made of iron nickel steel

Why metal can does not attract to the magnet?

magnets only attract iron and steel

What metals will a magnet attract too?


Will a magnet attract a iron needle?

Yes it will

What can be attract by magnet?


Does magnet attract iron pills?


Why the iron can make the magnet move?

Because anything that has iron is attracted to magnet so whether its not fully an iron as long as it has iron in it, it can make the magnet move or attract it

What kind of substance attract magnet?

Iron and metals containing iron.

What can we use to separate iron filings mixed with sand?

We can use a magnet. It will attract the iron and pull it from the sand.

Why magnet can attract the soil?

No magnet can attract soil unless the soil has a high percentage of magnetic material in it such as iron or nickel.