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Just like why married men cheat, no big differences. The only thing different between married man to married woman are their reason. Let's talk about why married men cheat; first reason will be they marriage is not happy anymore. Wife is not giving their needs esp. in bed. Wife is always busy with the children and house work. Wife don't make her husband feel special anymore.

There are some married men that don't need an excuse to have an affair. They will do it because they want to feel macho, trying to prove that they can still attract woman even his married. And most of all they can't get satisfied with just one woman.

# Now married woman; they will cross this path if their husband don't have time for them anymore. Husband is always busy with work. Husband will be on business trip. Husband do take advantage of wife, and the last one which never really seen by men, husband never wonder if their wife has needs, because they are more concern with theirs.

With all of this comparison, don't you think that it is the wives who has less reason why he rather look for another man? We always forget that " it takes 2 to tango" but it's always the wife who needs to be more open and understanding.

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Q: Why does a married woman cheat?
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How does a married man know if a married woman will cheat with him?

She's a skank and a hoe so yes she will cheat on you.

What does the bible says about married men and woman who cheat?


Where is a married woman most likely to find someone to cheat with?

in a bar

A guy in love with married woman?

Is as dumb as a girl dating a married man. If they will cheat on their spouse, they will cheat on you. Find a single partner. There are plenty to go around.

Why married men cheat?

Married men cheat for a lot of reason. To prove to them self that they still can do it even their married. Not satisfied with his a wife. They can't stand having one woman. And most of all, they are only thinking about their needs.

Why do married men cheat?

Not all married men do, but for those it shows they are not a one woman man. They only think about themselves and its not to be trusted. But they do so for the same reasons that married women do.

How many people cheat on their spouses?

Now a days you can't be sure who is doing what, but it always happen whether we like it or not. From my survey I had found out that 65% of married men do cheat, and 45% of women do the same. And it happened to me, the man I married had a love affair with a married woman..

What is the word for a married man who cheats?

William ANSWER: Man or woman who cheat are given names so we will know who they are, for man we call them " Adulterer " and for woman we call them "Adulteress."

Why cheat with the same woman?

ANSWER:It could be that this married man fell in love with his mistress. That's the only way why some married man will go back to the same person.

How many married men cheat at work?

Almost 90 percents of married men cheat at work about 99% of men who are married cheat while they are at work

Can a relationship between a single woman and married man will last long?

Men who cheat on their wives with a single woman do so because they want to impress the new lady in their lives, but all relationships come to a point where the cheating man will cheat again. Seldom does the married man give up his wife for a single woman and if he should divorce his wife he would more than likely want his freedom and few married men will ever end up marrying their the other woman.

How many married men cheat?

ANSWER:In scale of 1=10, 65% of married men cheat.

Percentage of married men who cheat?

It's 99 percentage married men cheat on there wife

Why do men cheat with the same women?

A: If your asking about married men, quite simple really they probably fell in love with the woman that they had an affair with. And if he can go back, he will pick the same woman because of the emotional connection he had with that woman.

Queen Latifah is she married to woman?

no she is not married to a woman

How do you know when a married man is interested in dating a married woman?

Firstly, a married man and a married woman should stay with their own partners and not cheat. If both are that unhappy in their marriage then they should separate or divorce and if they choose not too and decide on an extra martial affair it is cheap; selfish and pure dishonest. That being said if a married man is interested in a married woman he will simply ask her out on a date, but be very aware because he is not going to be willing to leave his wife for the married woman, but is looking for a non committal relationship and when this happens one of the two will end up in heartache.

Why some men cheat with married women?

ANSWER:I don't think not all men do have affairs with the married woman. Some yes because they find married woman has more experience when it comes to how they treat their man. Let's not forget that men loves to be babied and always wanted all the attention.So for those who are involve with married woman, all they want is the love, attention and no permanent relationship..

On sims 2 castaway for ps2 is there a cheat to get married?

there is no cheat but there is a way to get married in a wierd way ...LOL

Will men who cheat with married women cheat when they get married?

Most likely, once a cheater, always a cheater.

Why man or woman get married if all they do is end up cheating on your spouse?

well when they cheat they're probaly drunk or sudden, but they possibly can be crazy.

What is wrong with men who cheated on beautiful women?

mostly they cheat is because they don't feel that spark anymore towards that person. (though they should break up instead of cheating)ANSWER:It doesn't matter if the woman is beautiful, they will cheat because they can't be satisfied with one woman. They also needs to prove to themself that they can cheat even if they are married.

How many married women cheat?

A thousand woman each year cheat on their husbands.

What is a married woman called?

A married woman is called a wife

How often do men cheat on women?

It all depends to the man. There are some married man that will take a while before he can have the thought of cheating, he needs reason to do it so he will not have this guilty feelings that his friends or family might ask. But there are married man that will cheat because it's how they are and can't be satisfied with just one woman. Either way men do cheat for their selfish reason.

When do you use miss?

When a woman isn't married When a woman isn't married