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Why does a motor stop running after it warms up?

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Antifreeze wont stop running out of overflow when motor warms up causing it to overheat?

start by replacing rad. cap. if that doesnt help you have a blown headgasket.

Will car stop running if tachometer is not working?

no The tacho picks up pulses from the starter motor or ignition system.

What causes your engine rpm to raise when hot?

When your motor warms up your oil, gasoline, and transmission fluid; it helps your motor run free

Why does my 1988 chev. 350 motor lose power after it warms up?

check the O2 sensor

Why does your 97 Cadillac Catera quit running after it warms up you have about thirty min for it to start back?

crankshaft sensor

If the choke is not hooked up does it effect the motor while it is running?

Yes. If the choke plate is sitting in there loose if can close by itself which would flood the engine. Also, without the choke you would have a very lean condition during cold start-up until the engine warms up.

You have a 1988 jeep four point o that idles real high when first started you have to keep taping on the gas pedal for it to stop?

this sould be perfectly normal. it has an automatic choke which kicks off when the motor warms up. let the motor get warm and then shut it off for a minute or so. start it up and c if it still does it.

Why did the liquid in your overflow tank turn brown?

Rust from your cooling system is flowing back into the overflow tank when the motor warms up.

Why does a vehicle only warms up when its moving?

that's not true. Any vehicle will "warm up" as long as the engine is running. Does not matter whether its at idle "running at a stop" or driving around town. The olders cars (1995 and beyond) require about 5min of warm up before drving. Cars now days don't require any. You can fire them and drive it like you stole it!

What would make 92 model 350 Chevy motor die after it warms up?

in my case it was a coolant sensorbut you really need to read the codes

1991 Chevy pick up will not run right until it warms up 350 motor?

you should rebuild your carb or clean it up sounds like the choke is bad it has a throhle body not a carberaror

What would cause the low oil light to come on and the engine to stop running on a Chevy Caprice Classic?

Most likely you either.... 1. ran the motor out of oil 2. had an oil pump failure 3. had a bearing failure No matter the reason, if the motor stopped, chances are that you seized up the motor.

Why would a car stall after it warms up and comes to a stop?

I would suggest that the Choke is switching off and then the idle is set too low

Why does 91 Laser motor surge upon cold start revs go up and down until motor warms up then runs fine?

I have been told that this problem likely comes from some type of vacuum leak and that as the engine warms, the leak seals itself off. What I haven't been able to find out is what is the most likely source of the leak. Any one have suggestion?

95 Oldsmobile achieva 2.3 quad 4 engine trouble car starts runs for 10 to 15 min then starts cutting out and backfiring and dies at a stop it also when warms up it sends a crankshaft sensor code?

That really sounds like it is your O2 Sensor. I know for my 94 they are about 22.00 at Advanced Auto Parts. They are on your manifold behind the motor, by the firewall. Have a wire running from them! Hope this helps! That really sounds like it is your O2 Sensor. I know for my 94 they are about 22.00 at Advanced Auto Parts. They are on your manifold behind the motor, by the firewall. Have a wire running from them! Hope this helps!

If you increase the voltage across the DC motor then motor speed will?

Go up, then stop as it burns out if you push it too far.

What will happen if you stop centrifugal pump delivery valve in running condition?

if delivery of centrifugal pump is stopped and and pump is running then suction will be stopped and no flow will take place there fore fluid in side the pump will be heated up and motor will be overloaded and finally will be short circuited.

What could be the reasons for the engine running badly until it really warms up on a 1987 Ford Econ Van 302 EFI?

bad seal/ gasket around fuel injector or intake manifold. as engine warms components expand and form a seal.

Why is there water dripping constantly while car is running from your exhaust pipe?

This water is actually moisture that is liquefying with the aid of your exhuast heat inside the pipes. If you live in a humid area, this water will continually drip from your tail pipes, other wise it will stop after the engine warms up.

What is acceleration in a three phase motor?

It is a measure of how many rpm the motor gains in one second while running up after being switched on.

What would cause a table saw motor to reverse itself while running?

if the power wires for the motor happen to be hooked up backwords

How does sweating help runner?

Sweating help a runner because when a runner is running, their heart beat speeds up and warms the runner up. Sweating helps cool down the runner's body.

What do you do to stop coughing when your sick?

you go to the doctor or put some tea bags it warms up the throat it cousgdfjk down the inside and you wont cough

Is it safe to drive a 98 Subaru if 5w20 motor oil wss put in instead of 5w30 in northern Minnesotta?

probably over the winter, but not once it warms up

Why does your 92 model Chevy 350 motor die after it warms up?

in my case it was 7 dollars coolant sensor but read the codes could be any sensor failing

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