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Water has surface tension which allows the needle to float on it. When soap is added, the surface tension of the water is reduced.

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Why can a carefully placed needle float on water even though it is more dense then the water?

Because of the surface tension: the attracting force between the water molecules, which effectively causes a "skin" on the top of the water. Drop a few drops of soap in the water and the needle will sink, because the soap weakens the bond between the water's molecules.

When soap is added to water is water a solvent or solute?

When soap is added to water, water is the solvent

What happens when soap is added to water?

the water will change color causing the soap to melt.

Can a needle float in soapy water?

Yes it is not possible. Because as soap is added then surface tension would get reduced and so possibility of float becomes less. When we carefully place the same needle on ordinary water floating is quite possible as water has more surface tension

How do you separate soap from water?

calcium carbonate can be added to soap water. caco3 reacts with soap and forms calcium sterate which can be filter from water.

How do you make suds?

To make suds you put hot water into your sink with some soap. When the water hits the soap, you'll get suds or bubbles.

What water produces more lather when soap is added?

Water is a universal solvent and is of two types soft and hard water. Water that produces more lather when soap is added is Soft Water.

What happen when distilled water added to soap?

fully distilled water has no hardness therefore the soap will not lather

Why does a penny sink faster in water than soap?

The density of a penny is higher.

How does a sewing needle float on water but if you add soap it sinks?

Surface tension. Same phenomena that makes water form beads and droplets on some Surfaces acts like a skin on the water. If laid down gently, something like a needle can be carried by this skin. Soap destroys the Surface tension - one of the reasons why soap helps in getting things Clean - and the needle drops through.

Is baking soap a solution?

Yes, when water is added.

Your sauce burn the bottom of your Pot how do you get it out?

Soap and Water. Let it soak in the sink and then SCRUB.

Is plant respiration a carbon sink?

yes because the sink has soap and hot or cold water so plants can easily bathe in the sink jkjkjk i've no idea!

Do ducks sink in water?

Ducks sink in the water when you add some dish soap, maybe! ------Mayjoy Pequiro------- August 04 2011, thursday Call me 0910207----

Can goldfish live in sink water?

If you mean dirty water with soap/detergent in it then the answer is no. Water to a fish is the same as air is to you. Poison it and you will die.

How do you get rid of a burn smell from a pot?

You wash it with a lot of soap and keep i in the sink with a lot of soapy water.

How do you get nail glue off the sink?

Rub it with Goo Gone or nail polish remover, then soap and water.

What is the chemistry of dishwasher detergent?

soap in made in many ways often with fragrances added but the basic dishwasing soap is diluted in your sink to roughly equal a 0.2 molar solution of sodium hydroxide.

Why was the hydrolysed fat mixture poured into a concentrated salt solution to precipitate soap?

Salt is added to improve the precipitation of soap reducing the solubility of soap in water.

What is a sentence with the word soap?

The soap opera was boring as usual.Pass me the soap please.

Why does dish soap sink in water?

The dish soap is more dense so it sinks to the bottom when in gel form. When in bubble form it is less dense so floats.

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