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Q: Why does a piece of bacon no taste sweet after chewing on it for a while?
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What is sour gum?

These chewing gums have an extremely sour taste that becomes sweet and eventually has a neutral or tangy taste

How can you describe the taste of bacon?

well to me it tastes like ham. of course bacon is made out of ham so yeah. its also salty, and sometimes a little bit sweet. i love bacon

What if you eat starch but don't swallow it?

The enzymes in your mouth actually start to digest it and so you get a sweet taste in your mouth. You can try this out by putting a saltine in your mouth and not chewing or swallowing it. Just let it dissolve and you will get a sweet taste.

What is an example sentence for savory?

In that particular flavor of ice cream, the bacon fat provided a savory taste that contradicted the sweet flavor of the vanilla extract.

Why does a cracker begin to taste sweet after a few minutes of chewing?

There are enzymes in your saliva called amylase that digest the starches present in crackers. Starches are polymers of individual sugars. When starch is broken down by the amylase it releases free sugar monomers which taste sweet.

Can you get addicated bacon?

Yes, you can get addicted to bacon. But, it is not like a drug. It will be according to if you like the taste of bacon.

What does a brie and bacon sandwich taste of?

It tastes like brie......and bacon.

What does it mean if your burps taste like bacon?

Probably you had bacon for breakfast!

Why do oranges taste sweet?

cos they are very SWEETY!! taste sweet

What vegetables taste sweet?

some tomatos taste sweet and cucumbers.

What mammal can't taste sweet?

cats can't taste sweet

Does gum chewing relieve hunger?

I think that the taste of a good piece of chewing gum soothes the stomach until the next meal that you have. I doubt that gum will ruin your appetite it just helps soothe the hunger desire at that point.