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The sulfur in the eggs,use a enamel pan and you will not have that problem

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Q: Why does a pot turn black on the inside when you cook eggs?
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Why does a fried egg turn black in an aluminum pan?

eggs are acidic. they turn green when you cook them on a aluminum pan. and the pan turns black. it is because of chemical reaction. It also may be over cooked. All eggs become black when you cook them for an extended time.

Why would eggs turn black while cooking?

Overcooked boiled eggs will turn black.

Why do eggs get dry and rubbery when you cook them?

It depends on who cooks them and how you cook them. If you cook them at about the right temperature, they will turn out fine. If you don't, and you try to make the eggs inna hurry, they will make horribly. Also, i would recommend beating eggs in a bowl, and warming them in the microwave. Same difference. Almost(:

Why does eggs turn black on a egg fryer?

hey engel

What happens when ladybug eggs turn black?

the eggs become rotten and start to dry up and die

Do you have to cook potatoes right after they are peeled?

No you do not have to cook them right away but you have to put them in water so they are covered, otherwise they will turn black.

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Why do boiled eggs turn black?

They only get the black ring if you do not refresh after cooking, as soon as the eggs are boiled pour off the hot water and put the eggs under a cold running tap for a few minutes, this quickly cools the eggs and prevents the black ring.

Why does egg yolk turn black?

If an egg yolk is black, it usually means there is old blood in there. It can happen to old hens who are laying eggs. The eggs should not be eaten.

Does inside mouth turn black when have full blown aids they?


How long does it take to cook eggs and bacon?

The time it takes to cook bacon and eggs depends on how you want them to turn out. Typical scrambles egg and fried to crisp bacon takes about 20 minutes I guess. Depends on your definition of what a good crispy bacon is and fluffy scrambled egg is.

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There is pigment inside them. It is the same pigment that turns panthers black.

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If you have a copper float ball that will do it

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It is the high temp and the high return Pressure inside the injector that causes the fuel To turn black

What color is head lice?

The color of Head Lice is mainly black. Lice Eggs are a clear color but when the eggs are ready to hatch, they turn dark brown.

What causes raw potatoes to turn black?

When the flesh (inside) of a potato is exposed to air for to long they will turn black because the oxygen is reacting to metal natural inside the potato. This can also happen when potatoes are stored below 40 degrees (often in a refrigerator).

What is in the kernals to let them pop?

Kernels have a little bit of water inside of them that helps to make them pop. When the kernels begin to cook, the water inside of the kernels will turn into steam and expand the kernels.

Why do chickens turn their eggs?

They turn their eggs so they can be heated evenly on all sides.

How long should hard boiled eggs cook for?

Place eggs in pot of water. Bring water to boil. When water starts boiling turn temperature down slightly to avoid the eggs cracking. Cook for 15 minutes. At the end of 15 minutes remove eggs from heat and start replacing the hot water with cold a little at a time. Peel cooled eggs under running water as soon ass they are cool enough to handle easily.

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plug it in and turn it on with your bread inside

How long does it take maggots to form after fly has dropped eggs?

Eggs turn into maggots after around seven days. Maggots turn into adult flies in three to seven days. Often, when you kill an adult fly, you can see the baby maggots crawling around inside.

When do you pick black beans?

When the shell starts to turn yellow. The beans will be black inside. If you pick one, open it, and the beans are still white and moist inside, you need to let the rest grow some more.

How many times a day does a mother hen turn the egg?

A mother hen will turn her eggs on an average of three times a day. This helps to prevent the chick from sticking to the inside membrane of the egg.

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Well, unfortunatly butterfly eggs don't turn into butterfly's. Butterfly eggs turn into caterpillars. It does take seven to twenty days for that to happen.