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The rattle consists of loosely connected scales - when the snake moves it's tail rapidly, they scales rub together producing the classic rattling sound.

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Q: Why does a rattlesnake's tail sound like a rattle?
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Where is the rattlesnakes rattle?

At the end of its tail.

What do rattlesnakes do when they see a person somewhere?

Rattle their tail

Do rattlesnakes have fangs?

Yes a rattle does have fangs and a tail.

Is there venom in a rattlesnakes rattle?

no, venom is in the head not the tail

Are rattlesnakes native to African savanna?

True rattlesnakes (with a rattle on the tip of their tail) are not found in Africa.

Do cobras have a rattle on their tail?

no the don't because they are not a rattle snake

How do diamondback rattlesnakes rattle their tails to make it sound?

They vibrate their tail about 50 times per second. The loose segments of the rattle then produce a buzzing sound as they rub against each other.

What is inside a rattlesnakes tail?

There is nothing inside the rattle, it is hollow.

What is in a rattlesnakes rattle?

The rattle is made up of specially formed scales, which fit into each other, and make a buzzing sound when the snake vibrates the tail..All pit vipers vibrate the tail, like copperheads and cottonmouths, but only rattlers make a distinctive sound because of the rattles.

What makes a rattlesnakes tail rattle?

The sections of the tail are not rigid, but loosely connected. When the snake moves its tail - these sections rub together, creating the characteristic 'rattle'

Do rattlesnakes have tails?

It wouldn't be a rattle snake or snake without a tail. Would it??

Why do rattlesnakes rattle their tail?

They rattle their tail as a warning, "Hey, look out! I'm down here so do not step on me. If you do, things will not turn out well for either of us."

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