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because it's a voltage that carries the phone signal on it, and that's what your phone runs off - unless it's one that also has a power connection - ie cordless, memory bank etc etc

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Why does your phone still work when the electricity is out?

A regular wired telephone has its own supply of power through the phone line, and it does not use the power from your home. A CORDLESS phone DOES use house power for the base set.

Can a phone system be plugged into same wall outlet as ups?

If your phone system is a PBX then yes you can plug it on the same outlet where a UPS is plugged. You can even plug your PBX system to the UPS so when there's a power failure you can still have few minutes source to power your phone system.

Does a cordless phone still work when the electric power is out?

no but a land line phone does

Can you still get pregnant with just a regular old tubal done?

There is a small risk of failure with all tubal ligation procedures.

If you have a voip phone and you lose your power will the phone still work?

If you are looking for an office telephone, then a VOIP phone will be your number one choice. However, if your office loses power, then you will not be able to use your VOIP phone.

What happens when the power goes off while charging a mobile phone will the battery go dry if its still plugged in even after the power if off?

No, it won't. Basically, plugs are one-way streets. Electricity frow out of them, but you can't "charge the power company." So the phone can charge, but if the power goes out, and it's still plugged in, it won't discharge any faster than normal, since the power has no where to go except to power the phone.

With regular batteries will solar light still charge?

Regular batteries will power a solar light until they run out of power. But regular batteries can't be charged from the solar cells unless rechargeable batteries are used instead. There is also a bit of circuitry involved.

What happens when your phone is about to kill off can you still send texts?

Only for as long as there is enough battery power for the phone to complete the send function.

Does the car charger draw juice if the car cell phone is not attached?

It depends on the car. Some vehicles shut off power to the lighter port when the ignition is not cranked. Others do not. If your car still allows power to the port, then the charger will still draw from it, phone plugged in or not.

What to do if the court order regular phone call to the child but the phone number you have is not on?

Get your solicitor to contact the other person and remind them of the court order. If they still cause problems, take them back to court to answer to a judge !

Can a celll phone be charged in an odyssey when the engine is off?

That depends ! If the electrical system still supplies power to the socket you plug the phone into - then yes, it will charge. If not, then it won't !

Does the cell phone battery on if you turn phone off?

Even when a phone is off - it still uses a minute amount of power from the battery. It constantly checks the circuitry to see if the power button has been pressed. Even a fully-charged battery will eventually run down in a phone that's switched off.

What is the difference between a durable power of attorney and a traditional power of attorney?

An attorney of power is an official document that allows someone to act on someone other's behalf. There is just one difference between the durable and the traditional (regular) power of attorney, that is, when a person becomes disabled, the durable attorney of power is still effective, whereas in case of the regular attorney of power the validity ends.

Do phones go out when electricity does?

Maybe and maybe not. Mobile phones have their own batteries, so whether the electricity is on or not is largely irrelevant to the phone. Nearby towers may or may not be impacted, so even if the phone itself still works, it may not be possible to use it to make calls in the affected area. Home phones... it depends on the phone. Some phones (e.g. cordless phones) need mains power to work, and those will go out if the power does. However, some old-style corded phones draw all the power they need from the phone lines, which get power from the central office. If the central office still has power, this type of phone will still work (assuming the telephone lines aren't down as well). Even if the mains power is out at the central office, they generally have backup power systems (batteries and/or generators) to keep the phones working at least temporarily.

Can you get a passport with a failure to appear warrant?

I have a failure to appear for a bad check that was a felony in Jax, Fla ... Can I still get a passport and travel to london? It was a felony by 76 dollars ,,, but still a felony???

Does anyone still offer regular telephone service?

there are companies that still offer landlines, but the providers are individual to your speicfic location. Soem popular options are Fairpoint and Verizon. Your local cable company may also offer a digital phone option that works very similar to a regular landline.

Do people still use compasses today?

Despite their many problems and odd behaviors, magnetic compasses are still part of every aircraft's instrument panel. Since they are not affected by power failure or any other type of system failure, they are still a vital backup instrument even though pilots now primarily use the gyro compass or GPS for navigation.

What cell phone companies offer the best long distance plan?

The best cell phone companies for long distance are prepaid and postpaid services. Companies such as TEL3advantage and USmobileconnect let you register you number but still maintain regular services.

Is is illegal to make a threat over the phone?

it is still illegal to make a threat over the telephone.If the other person were to contact the police you could be done for threatening behavior.Also if it is done using a mobile phone the police also have the power to have your phone blocked.

Buying A Flip Phone?

It might not seem like it, but the flip phone still exists. In fact, wireless providers are still manufacturing them because thousands are sold each year. Some people love the basic cell phone that can get their calling needs taken care of and nothing more. That is why these styles of devices are still popular. With that in mind, an individual can save money by choosing a regular flip phone. They will not have to pay for mobile browsing or more expensive plans. There are a lot of benefits of sticking to the basics, and many people will prefer this option.

If you take the battery out of your phone will the information still be on the phone?

yes it will

Why does a cell phone charger continue to consume power when plugged into an outlet but not the phone?

Most electronics will consume a little power even if they are off or not in use. In the case of a cell phone charger, you may notice that if it is plugged into the wall, but there is no cell phone charging, the charger will still be warm. I don't know the physics behind that, but anything that is plugged in will take up a little energy, even when not in use.

Will a caller hear your cordless phone ring if your electricity is off?

They would still get a ring-tone - it's generated at the exchange. Losing power to the property would give the same impression as simply unplugging the phone.

Is A Cheap Cell Phone Plan For You?

Some people do not need unlimited or expensive cell phone plans. Some people, especially the elderly, only need cell phones for emergencies or do not make enough phone calls to require a regular plan. Cheap cell phone plans only have a limited number of minutes, but may be good for you if you do not exceed that number of minutes each month. Even if you do exceed it, sometimes the extra minutes charges are still cheaper than using a regular plan. In conjunction with a simple cell phone, a cheap cell phone plan may be good for you for emergency purposes or limited phone calls.

How can you get your phone to work without a battery?

It can't work without power. (alternate answer) In principle there are a variety of ways to provide a phone with electric power. Of course, the simplest alternative to a battery is to use a land-line which draws current from the wall (I still use one, myself). For a mobile or cell phone, there are other options. You could use a solar power panel (I own a calculator that runs on a small solar panel; calculators don't use a lot of power, they use much less than phones do) or a muscle powered generator that you crank by hand (there exist radios that work by means of a crank). However, if your phone is not built to work that way, it will be difficult to retrofit it to work differently. Tell Apple that you want them to make a solar powered phone for you. But remember, solar power has its limits. You get no solar power at night, for example. A hybrid system, which still uses a battery but which recharges the battery by means of solar power, is more practical.

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