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You have vacuum line leaks somewhere.

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Q: Why does ac and heater on 2000 f350 blow air through defrost when another position is selected ac clutch clicks and air still only blows through defrost?
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Why won't air come through the vents?

Does air come out at defrost vents? Defrost is the default position. Check for a vacuum leak either under the hood or under the dash Check the operation of the vacuum actuated motors under the dash Check the operation of the selector switch

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How do you troubleshoot a heater ac that will not blow anywhere but defrost in a 92 lebaron?

There is a caseunder the dash that holds the heater core and ac evaporator core. In that case there are what are called blend doors. They are controlled by vacuum from the engine that runs to the doors through a diaphragm. The defrost/floor position is the default position that the blend doors automatically go to if there is a malfunction. Usually when that happens it is caused loss of vacuum. Another sign of a vacuum problem is when there is an apparent loss of air from the dash/side vent position upon acceleration which returns to normal when not accelerating. Annoying but harmless.

What causes the air conditioner on a 2003 Chevy trailblazer to stop blowing through the ac vents and start blowing through floor and defrost vents?

Check for a vacuum leak -sounds like it is starving for vacuum and reverts to the default position

What would cause smoke to blow through the defrost of a 1990 Ford F 150 while the heater is switched on?

In many cases leaves can cause smoke to blow through the defrost of a 1990 Ford F 150

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What is wrong when the air conditioner on a 1989 Oldsmobile 98 regency blows out the top and not through the vents?

Could be a vacuum problem--either broken or disconnected hose or bad vacuum motor under dash or coming in through firewall Defrost is the default position for this system

What causes the front air conditioner on 1999 Lincoln navigator to stop blowing through the ac vents and start blowing through the defrost vents?

When there is a problem in the vent system it defaults to defrost setting. Check the doors & vac supply

Why does AC and heater blow air through defrost vents and will not blow air?

depending on what year and make it is, the most likely issue is that you have a valve that moves to divert air to the upper vents, floor vents, and defrost vents and it is either stuck in the defrost position, is broken, or a cable/connector has come loose. The valve is usually in the center of your dashboard up against the firewall. The air flow direction in many vehicles is operated by vacuum controlled servos. If the vacuum supply is cut off, the system reverts to it's default position which is the defrost mode. My guess would be that the HVAC vacuum supply line under the hood is disconnected, pinched or collapsed.

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Why does air flow through defrost only inmy 1992 Buick Riviera?

Possible vacuum leak.

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