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There is a preset sequence for activation of pump. I believe it to be 45 seconds after ignition is turned off and again around 1 hour. These are set to purge the system and then recharge it. Why it does this I'm not sure but this is what was explained to me by dealer. Hope this helps.

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Q: Why does air compressor make noise when car is off on 1996 Lincoln?
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Why does your ford compressor make a pinging noise?

Somthing to do with the AC.

If the compressor clutch is not working correctly in your gmc sierra pickup will it make a noise when the compressor is activated?


Why does a car air conditioner make a loud noise when first turned on?

If it's a creaking noise then it is most likely that your compressor is broken.

Why would a 1997 Chrysler LHS car make a whirring noise when I accelerate while the Ac is running.?

A/C compressor? A/C compressor?

What would cause engine to make noise when defrost is turned on?

The A/C system compressor operates when in the defrost mode. If the noise is also heard when running the A?C it is more than likely a problem with the compressor/pulley.

Why does central air make a knocking noise when it turns off?

Compressor is unbalanced as the rpm's drop.

Should the air suspension in a 2004 Lincoln Navigator make noise when its rising and if so how loud should it be?

You should be able to hear the compressor Overtime the compressor will get noticeably louder. This doesn't necessarily mean that it's failing or should you be alarmed. If you are concerned I would suggest that you take it in and get it checked out.

Why would your car make a rattling noise when the air conditioner is turned on?

start by checking a/c compressor.

Why does your car make a loud grinding noise when you turn the ignition?

why does my 1996 ford tarus wagon make noise when i turn key in ignition

Why does the remanufactured air conditioning compressor on your 1992 Chevrolet Camaro make execessive noise?

Was the proper amount fo oil installed in the compressor and accumulator when they were replaced? That is the reason ,I, as a repair shop owner will NOT use a remanufactured compressor.

Why does your car make noise when the air conditioning is off and then it goes away when you turn it on 96 Sunfire GT Auto?

the a/c compressor cluth is bad. should make a grinding noise when not on and goes away when it is on.

Why would the AC compressor on a 2001 ford explorer sports track make a grinding noise?

The clutch assemble is shot...

How can you bypass the AC compressor if it is making a grinding noise on a 1994 GMC Sierra?

If you want to remove the Ac compressor completly, you can pick up a bypass pully and bracket at Murray's or Pepboys for around 25 bucks. It just bolts implace of the compressor and reuses the stock belt. You might have a worn bearing on the compressor shaft which could cause the grinding noise. Make sure that it's the AC compressor that is grinding, they can be quite costly. Hope this helps.

Why is there a ticking noise under the hood when ac is turned on and stays on until the ac is turned off?

Without the year, make or model of your vehicle it could be a bad compressor and or a bad compressor clutch.............

Why does the AC on a 2000 Monte Carlo make a groaning noise from the engine bay when driving on hot days?

Maybe a bearing in the compressor

Can the transmission on a 1996 dodge neon make noise in neutral?

Definately. Have it looked at by a professional.

Why would you hear a humming noise in a 1996 ford explorer XL?

is the humming coming from the front end of the vehicle? i have a 1996 explorer with the same issue. yes the noise come from the front but not all the time seems to make the humming noise when it gets hot

Does the air compressor of a 2006 Toyota Highlander make a loud noise?

Probably, sense Toyota's sound loud and like vacuums anyway...

Why does the AC in a car make random noise at random times when it is on?

To prevent icing up, the AC compressor only turns on when the "low side" pressure is above a certain set-point. Once enough refrigerant has been pumped out of the low side, the compressor shuts off momentarily. When it comes back on it may make some "random noise".

Why does a 1996 dodge stratus make a knocking noise when in reverse?

Where is the noise coming from? If its from the fenders or wheels is a much different problem than if its coming from the transaxle.

Why does your 1996 mustang make a popping noise when turning?

Inspect the steering components, suspension, and brakes.

Replacing Air conditioner on 2004 Lincoln LS?

The compressor, along with several other parts make up the ac system. The most common part to go bad and need replacing is the compressor.

What causes the AC compressor on a 1996 Jimmy to whine when accelerated and the compressor clutch is engaged when it works fine otherwise?

Make sure its the ac compressor making noise. The idler pulley and belt tensioner can make alot of noise, also. If you haven't replaced those, I'd start with that as it's a fairly inexpensive fix. If the noise doesn't go away, no harm done because those components should be changed every so often anyway. (belt tensioners lose spring tension over time). If you're sure it's the ac comp., the compressor bearings are probably going bad and you'll need a new one. I have a '99 Jimmy and the comp. started leaking oil from the front seal a few months ago. Still blows could air, but recently started making noise. I'll be replacing it real soon.

Why does my car make a Grinding noise when air conditioning system is powered on?

Most of the time around 90 percent this will mean that the a/c compressor is bad internally.........

My aircompressor is down on my air ride system in my 1994 Lincoln mark eight how can i air it up with out the compressor?

check the override switch and make sure that it did not get switched off if it is on you will more than likely need to replace the compressor