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Why does alcohol make you drunk?

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Alcohol can affect the nervous system, a major part of which is the brain. When too much alcohol enters the brain it can affect its functioning.

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Q: Why does alcohol make you drunk?
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Why do alcohol makes you drunk?

which alcohol can i add to make a woman drunk in short time

Does black vinegar make you drunk?

no. black vinegar doesn't contain alcohol. it's take alcohol content to make you drunk.

Can apple juice make you drunk?

Not like alcohol can. It may make you have a sugar rush, but not drunk.

Can sake make you drunk and how?

Of course Sake can make one drunk. Why/how? Because it is an ALCOHOL CONTAINING beverage.

Will liqueur make you drunk?

Yes, there is alcohol in them so you will therefore get drunk if you drink enough.

Can champagne make you drunk?

Yes, it does contain alcohol.

What drugs make you feel like you are drunk?


How does alcohol make you do things you regret?

It makes you drunk

What chemicals in alcohol make you drunk?

The chemical compound called alcohol is what makes you drunk and dizzy. The alcohol is very quickly metabolized in your body (even faster than sugar).

Does drinking alcohol with a straw make you drunk faster?

yes it does

Can smoking make you drunk?

No. There is no alcohol in cigarettes, cigars, etc.

Can wine gone bad get you drunk?

Wine can surely get you drunk if it still contains alcohol. If by going bad, you mean the alcohol has been boiled off, then no -- it won't get you drunk but might make you sick.

Can you get drunk off rubbing alcohol?

No, but it will kill you pretty quickly. I disagree. I don't know that it will make you drunk, but i don't believe it would kill you any more quickly than drinking pure alcohol. Alcohol in all forms is basically a poison. I am not certain, but it is very possible that rubbing alcohol could make a person drunk.

Does beer make you lose control of yourself?

Yes, beer contains alcohol and alcohol in small quantities makes you lose your inhibitions and in large quantities make you drunk. When you are drunk you are not in control of yourself.

Consuming alcohol can?

Consuming 'too much' alcohol can make you drunk, and could eventually affect your health.

How does alcohol affect others around you?

it will make u drunk lol

When does alcohol start to make people drunk?

After they consume too much.

What is in alcohol that gets you drunk?


Can you get drunk off of sugar alcohol?

Alcohol made from sugars is what humans drink and get drunk from.

Does 12 percent of alcohol make you drunk?

It depends how much you drink. 12% is a typical alcohol content for wine.

Why does drinking water after alcohol make you drunk again?

yes but only the morning after you pass out because the body is dehydrated and the alcohol isn't out of your system. Drinking water flushes the alcohol out which will in-turn make you feel a little bit drunk again. of course you will not be wasted but you will feel the effects of the alcohol again.

What can happen if you drink alcohol?

Many different things can happen when you drink alcohol. You can get drunk and make poor decisions, you can pass out, and you can get alcohol poisoning.

Why does drinking make you drunk?

Alcohol causes intoxication when too much is consumed.

Why important alcohol in the body?

It is not important because it will make you drunk if too much

How many red bulls does it take to get drunk?

Red Bull won't make you drunk. There's no alcohol in it. May well make you hyper and jittery though.