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Its cold, idling, and old.3b7From my understanding with my own 89 Honda civic LX sedan, is that there is a thermometer that sets idle speed at low and high temperatures, with age, ours have degraded, and the low temp. has been borked. It doesn't hurt your car any, I've checked with a few sources, it just means while your engine is warming up in winter, your car will do that little rev thing every few seconds while idling.
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The Newer Cobra Jets Are only for Drag Racing and Are illegal on the street. Older Mustangs with the Cobra Jet Engine In it Were legal on the street and sometimes used for drag racing. So older Mustang Cobra Jets were not only made for racing but newer ones are only made for racing.

How is banger racing different from a standard racing?

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This is a problem with fuel delivery. Sounds like you need to change the fuel filter. If the engine stumbles even at higher revs, one of the cylinders is failing to ignite.

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