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your drain line for your ac evaporator core is plugged up. A service station can blow this out for you.

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Q: Why does an AC leak water inside the car and how do you fix this problem?
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Why does the ac leak water inside the car under the glove compartment and the car over heat?

because of condensation

What cause water to leak from car moon roof?

Inspect the roof of your car and to find the source of the leak. Ask a friend to stay inside the car while you spray water over the roof. Your friend should be able to identify where the water is coming in.Check common problem areas, such as the seal around the windshield or sunroof and the drain tubes

Why would a car loose water without a sign of a leak?

Could be a head gasket problem.

Why would antifreeze leak inside your car?

The heater core or hoses to it are leaking inside your car

What would cause water to be in the air ducts of your car?

you have a leak in your heater core which is attached to your radiator and heats the air inside your car interior

How could water get into your car on the floor of the passenger?

There is a conditioning system drain hose. Eventually it starts to leak inside of the car. Fix the hose.

What if your car smells of petrol inside?

If your car smells of petrol inside, and you have not been using a petrol-like solvent to clean something inside the car, you probably have a fuel leak and should have the car checked by someone able to detect and fix a leak.

Why would the inside of your car smell of gas?

if you have a gas leak.

What is causing your car to use water if there is no water leak?


Why does your car smells like gas on the inside?

make be there is a gas leak

Radiator pipes in a car?

I am assuming you have a leak inside your car. If that is the case you probably have a heater core leaking. If that is not the problem please ask again with more specifics and I'll try to pick up for you.

Why does my car get hot high?

usually due to Engine Oil problem. or even the radiator has problem like no water inside or it is broken

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