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Why does an LCD use AC?

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Because Alternating Current is the standard form of electricity available, devices which operate on Direct Current, such as a Liquid Crystal Display, have a converter, which converts the AC into the appropriate voltage of DC.

2011-09-13 23:45:59
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Q: Why does an LCD use AC?
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where can i obtain the latest product update on Lasonic-ATL850-8.5"-LCD-AC?

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How do you remove LCD display on peugeot 407?

to remove lcd display first remove ac control from below lcd by unscrewing the two screws accesible through the two holes either side of ac panel. on removal of this you will see the two lower torx screws holding the lcd display. unscrew these and remove the display bottom first. hope this helps.

Does an led tv use much more energy than an lcd?

No they use less. Plasma tv use much more then CCFl LCD or LED LCD.

Will VCR play on LCD televisions?

yes, use the video out from the vcr and use the video in on the lcd

How many whats does an LCD tv use?

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Who invented LCD TV?

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Can I use my lcd tv monitor with my home computer?

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What causes LCD yellowing?

The biggest cause of LCD yellowing is the use of improper cleaners on the screen.

What kind of electricity used for LCD and LED means ac or dc?

LCDs are driven with AC, to prevent electrolytic damage to the thin transparent electrodes. LEDs are driven with DC.

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Yes, you can use a wall mount for your LCD TV. It will give your home more of a newer feel when you have it mounted!

Which uses less energy LCD or plasma?

LCD monitors use far less energy then plasma monitors.

What are some uses for a custom lcd display?

If you are going to get a customized LCD display for your wedding that may be one use of the Custom LCD displays, also the custom LCD crystals will make a good display piece at a wedding.

What can you use to clean a laptop and its keyboard?

In britain, there is a product to clean LCD screen's and Keyboards. it is a pair of alcohol-based spray bottles with cloths. Only use LCD cleaners on LCD Monitors as other cleaners CAN damage your monitor.

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