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elephant leaves eats water when it rains and when people water them

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How many elephant eat grass?

All elephants eat grass, as well as leaves and other plants.

Why does an elephant eat grass and leaves?

Because They Think It's Funny.

What is the colour of an elephant and what do they eat?

An elephant is a usually a dark or light grey. They eat leaves from trees grass in the ground i they live in the wild. If in a zoo they eat veggies

What kind of diet does an elephant have?

elephants are herbivores, so the eat plants like grass and leaves

Does the zebra eat elephant grass?

no they do not the elephant grass does not grow were the zebra lives

What is the elephant diet?

leaves, grass, NOT PEANUTS

Is elephant an omnivorous?

Omnivores are those creatures (animals) that eat both meat and vegetables. An elephant eats only grass (tall) and leaves. Hence an elephant is herbivorous and not omnivorous.

What does a rhino eat?

Rhinos are herbivorous, thus they eat vegetation like grass, leaves, and twigs.Rhinos eat vegetation, grass, leaves, and twigs.rhinos are herbivores meaning they eat only plants, but the white rhinos graze on grass babys drink their moms milkThe rhino are herbivores and there for eat plants trees bushes grass and flowers.rhino eat elephant grass, twigs, bamboo shoots,Rhinos eat vegetation, grass, leaves, and twigs.***Rhinos eat plants, mostly grasses.

When should an elephant eat?

elephant eat leaves nan dgrass

What types of grass do elephants eat?

elephant grass

Do moths eat grass and leaves?

Moths eat grass and leaves or any plant.

What is elephant eat?


Does an elephant eat grass?


What animals eat elephant grass?

Elephants eat elephant grass. Other large grazing animals such as the zebra, and the bongo, who live in Africa also eat this grass. Smaller animals are unable to eat it.

Does an elephant eat leaves?


Does a deer eat grass?

Yes deer do eat grass and leaves.

Do worms eat grass or leaves?

Earthworms eat decaying matter from animals or plants, including grass and leaves.

What kind of grass and plants do elephant eat?

Elephants in the wild eat grasses, roots, tree bark, leaves, twigs, small plants, bushes, shrubs, and fruit.

Do deer's eat grass?

They do eat grass. Although though they much rather eat leaves

Do koalas eat grass?

No. Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves and, occasionally, flowers. They do not eat grass.

Can a cow eat an elephant?

No, a cow eats grass.

Elephant who eat grass can be found where?

in Africa or Asia

Do giraffes eat lemurs?

Giraffes doesn't eat meat because they are herbivores just like horse,yak,deer and elephant. They survives by eating only plants. They loves to eat plants and plant leaves, grass and fruits. They prefer to eat acacia leaves.

What do pronghorns eat?


What do grasslanders eat?

grass, leaves