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Because Oranges have morewater in it. When a person dehydrated it, all the water came out.

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What dries faster a orange or apple?

Apple dries faster as it has higher dehydration rate so it looses more water as a percentage of its mass initially however if both fruit kept in the sun for for a long time then orange looses more water

Which fruit has the greater rate of dehydration?

banana because when you bite it its dry but notDehydration?

Do sprite water apple juice and orange juice freeze at the same rate?


Does salt water or lemon juice have any effect on the rate of dehydration of different types of apples?

do salt water have a affect on apple

Does water freeze the same rate as orange and apple juice?

it depends on wat temp u first start off with water, orange and apple jusice because if they are at different temps they will freeze at diff times...

Is shivering a sign of dehydration?

Yes. Both shivering and a rapid heart rate are signs of dehydration.

Why is the rate of dehydration greater in seawater than in fresh lake water?

Osmosis - The water inside your body wants to move to the more hypertonic solution to dilute it and you become jerky

How can dehydration causes an increase in heart rate?

Because in dehydration there is decrease in blood volume,as a compensation it increase the heart rate to maintain adequate blood perfusion to other organs,.^_^

What is the rate of fermentation of apple juice?

The rate of fermentation of apple juice is one to two days.

How does dehydration affect bacteria?

dehydration affects bacetria by slowing down the rate of growth since there is need for some amount of moisture

Who has more rate of fermentation orange juice or carrot juice?


Who has more rate of fermentation apple juice or carrot juice?


How do you rate products on orange?


What happens when a glaciers rate of melting is greater than its rate of movement?

An ice front recedes when a glaciers rate of melting is greater than its rate of movement. It is the end of the glacier.

How does hot and dry weather affect the body?

One of the major effects, is dehydration, the loss of moisture from the body, these two conditions accelerate fluid loss at a greater rate than normal , and in extreme cases can cause death.

How fast does apple juice evaporate?

Apple Juice evaporates at its own rate.

What is a higher birth rate?

A higher birth rate is a rate of reproduction greater than the current norm, or average, or a rate of reproduction greater than a norm or average at a given time.

Birth and death rate in kolkata?

birth rate greater than death rate

What controls the rate of diffusion?

The rate of diffusion is directly related to the concentration of gradient. For example, the greater the amount between the concentration of the areas, the greater the greater to difference in diffusion.

How did Lady Gaga faint before her concert?

her heart-rate was irregular as a result of exhaustion and dehydration

What are the main reasons for the change in growth rate?

-If the death rate is greater than the birth rate, the growth rate decreases -If the birth rate is greater than the death rate, the growth rate increases -If there are good resources like medicine, good food suply and water, the death rate will decrease.

To study the rate of fermentation of juices?

rate of fermentation of apple juice and carrot juice

Is the following sentence true or false if the birth rate is greater than the death rate population size decreases.?

False.. if the birthrate is greater than the death rate... the population INCREASES !

What would happen if transpiration rate is greater than absorption rate?


How does temperature affect the rate dissolving?

The higher the temperature, the greater the rate of dissolving.

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