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Why does anakin kill children?

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Because he is a cold hearted Sith Lord *(not a lord at this point) that will obey Palpatine(the emperor).

He also is convinced by Palpatine that the Jedi Order is evil *(no)

**(he kills the younglings because it is a test from his new master, if he had not killed them he would have been killed and, in his mind, he wouldn't be able to learn how to save Padme. At that point Anakin would have done anything to save Padme and if Palpatine could teach him how he was willing to do anything and everything he was asked.)

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in the third movie of star wars anakin turned bad by emperor Palpatine then anakin raided allot of Jedi including women and children killing them all but not Jedi died just most of them

No, he didn't kill her because he choked her. She fainted after she was choked, but it didn't kill her. She died in childbirth because Anakin broke her heart.

it was said by sidious that his anger killed her and obi- wan and anakin fight

Anakin Skywalker killed Mace Windu, Count Dooku, Tuscan Raiders, and countless Droids.

tecnecly no. The qustion that I can answer is that Darth Vader AKA Anakin on the dark side did kill Obi wan when he let Vader kill him.

Han Solo does eventually marry Anakin Skywalker's daughter, Princess Leia, and has three children - Jaina, Jacen and Anakin Solo.

Darth Turanus died by Anakin Skywalker when Chancellor Palpatine told, or rather ordered Anakin to kill Turanus.

Luke Skywalker would kill Anakin and bring balance to the force.

Anakin Force Choked Padme because he thought Padme bought Obi Wan to Kill him. He saw Obi Wan coming out of Padme's ship

Too many to count and to name

Anakin killed Count Dooku with 2 Lightsabers like an x then he pulled them apart leading to the decapitation of count's head

It is highly unlikely that he would kill her. She does annoy him, but not that much. I imagine that someone from the other side would have to kill her in order to make Anakin angry. If Rex killed her, then Anakin would believe that all clones would be dangerous.

Anakin didn't purposely kill padme, as a matter of fact, he didn't know that he killed her until the Emperor told him after he was in his Darth Vader costume. In his anger he killed her, but he really, REALLY, didn't want to. So there is no explanation why he killed her.

He killed Padmé (his secret wife) because he thought that she had betrayed and turned against him. He saw his former master (Obi-Wan) aboard her ship, which convinced Anakin (Vader) that she was with him. He thought that she had brought him with her to kill him, when he actually stowed away on Padmé's ship when she went to look for her lost-to-the-dark side husband. So, Anakin force-choked her.

Yes in the mustafar system. Your answer makes no sense with the question. Anakin fought Obi-Wan because Anakin believed the Jedi were corrupt and evil and needed to be destroyed. Anakin also felt the need to prove that he was more powerful than his former master Obi-Wan and the best way to do that would be to fight and kill him.

He kills people so that he can become Darth Vader. Also, the emperor told him to.

Yes he does doesn't anybody watch the movies well you don't see it but you hear it

Out of frustration when Padme arrived on the plant Mustafa, Anakin went to greet her and noticed she had brought Obi-Wan Kenobi. Anakin says "You brought him here to kill me". and so outraged he knew that Padme couldn't defend herself so took out his rage on her

No. He fell in love with and married Padme and had two children with her: Luke and Leia.

Eventually, three: Jaina, Jacen, and Anakin.

No, Ahsoka and Anakin will not kiss. Anakin is already married to Padme.

Anakin Skywalker injures his pregnant wife in a fit of rage. She did not die at that time, but is taken to a medical facility where she gives birth to Leia and Luke. It seems that her disappointment in her beloved Anakin exacerbates the strain of delivery and kills her. The medical droid states that she has lost her will to live.

Anakin had a vision that his wife, Padme, would die in childbirth. So his friend Palpatine, revealed himself to be a Sith lord. Palpatine told Anakin that if he joins the Sith, he would be able to save Padme. So Anakin joined and killed all the Jedi, just as Darth Sidious/Palpatine instructed. Anakin killed so many people, that he became evil. Partially Right, anakin did have a vision that padme would die in childbirth. Emperor Palpantine Told Anakin He Could Teach him a power that could stop people he loved most from dying and he wanted that for padme(for her not to die.) But It could only but learned in the form of a sith.So Anakin Became a sith lord. What happend was anakin did have vision that padme was gonna die talked to palpatine when the palpatine later revealed himself as a sith anakin told mace windu (jedi counsil) who went to arrest palpatine. then palpatine killed everyone who went to arrest him except for mace windu who was about to kill him when anakin showed up and said no dont kill him he needs to be arrested i need him blah blah ect. then mace says he is to dangerous to be alive and takes a swing to kill palpatine when anikan cuts off mace's arm palpatine uses his force lightning to kill him then says to anakin that the jedi have gone against the republic and tells anakin to go to the temple and kill all the "evil" jedi. while anakin is doing this he calls up the storm troopers and says " the time has come. exicute order 66" order 66 was an order instilled by the kaminos that was orderd when the jedi turned against the republic. and that order tells clones to kill all jedi. this was the begining of the jedi purge so basically anakan had a lot on his plate he was confused and tricked by palpatine hoped i helped. Please if you have anymore questions feel free to e-mail me at

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