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Why does animal extinction happen?


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Animal extinction can be caused by a variety of things such as, over hunting, loss of habitat, loss of food source, polluted environment, even disease. So there are several reasons why it happens. Hope this helps.


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extinction is when there is no more when it is or has been wiped away. it can happen wiht both plants and animals.

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The animal might be pray to another animal. That can cause an extinction of that animal and go on and on.

is a extinction of animal in the forest.

If the ozone layer is damaged, UV rays will enter the earth. These will cause extinction of animal life.

No, humans did not start animal extinction. Animal extinction has been going on since animals began. Mother Nature started animal extinction. Humans have not been around since the beginning of animal extinction. The dinosaurs almost all went extinct without human intervention, as did numerous species before and after them.

Animal extinction started before the human race was created. Animal extinction is older than the dinosaurs. Many species of animal became extinct before the dinosaurs existed, and extinctions of animals continue today.

Extinction is the rule, not the exception. That being said, I would not like to be responsible for the extinction of an animal.

Animal extinction impacts the whole environment. This is because animals are connected. Any animal that eats the extinct animal as a food source then they will not have any food.

It can happen just about anywhere as long as there are animals there , they are ussualy either hunted to there death or maybe a comet / metor like the dinasours Hope this helps , Louise

there are no more of that kind of animal, and the animal can be important to natures processes.

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none. extinction is natural, it is only human who is making the extinction faster than it's normal rate.

Humans are affected by animal extinction because it sometimes affects their food sources. It is also psychologically upsetting when any animal goes extinct.

Yes, definitely. A lot of animals are on the verge of extinction because of deforestation.

No longer in existence

I could answer it if it made sense

The animal that the railroads nearly drove to extinction was the Buffalo. The railroads severely destroyed the buffalo's natural habitat.

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Not exactly, the main causes of animal extinction is habitat loss, hunting or poaching. Animal creulty affects animals on a smaller level but is illegal and extremely cruel.

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