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I also need an answer to this question, but my floorboard does not get wet. Is it clogged or is it a bad heater core? It is most likely a bad heater-core if it is antifreeze.

2010-12-06 04:05:56
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Why do you smell antifreeze in the cab of your Subaru?

Antifreeze is used to heat the cab of your vehicle. When you turn on your heat in your cab, it opens up a valve that allows the hot antifreeze to flow from the radiator into the heater core. If there is a leak in the rubber tubes that flow into the heater core, or if the heatercore is damaged, you will smell the antifreeze in the cab of the vehicle. You may need new hoses to the heater core and/or a new heater core.

What is the rubber elbow that comes out right beside the heater core on a quad four gm motor?

the rubber elbow is a drain for the heater and ac box, it should only have clear water coming out of is on a hot day with the a/c cranked up. and antifreeze indicates a bad heater core.

I have a 93 Chevy cavalier and the rubber elbow connected through firewall is leaking antifreeze Should it be capped off or is this a leaking damaged or clogged heater core?

heater core leaks

What does burning antifreeze smell like?

Burning antifreeze has a rubber like smell. Some people think it smells sweet with a tint of rubber smell mixed into it.

How do you change an antifreeze reservoir bottle on a 1999 dodge caravan?

dis connect the rubber hose that goes from the radiator to the plastic reservoir. It is connected with a clamp and a pair of pliers will do it. Then, un-srew the bolt that holds the reservoir to the metal frame-work. Replace with new bottle and reverse the procedure Should take ten to 20 minutes. It was easy.

97 Buick sometimes it smells like rubber or something burning when the heater is running antifreeze is low at times is this a intake problem?

Your intake is probably cracked. I had the same problem as well as others on a 98 LeSabre. I could smell the antifreeze and the fluid leaked down.

You accidentally poured a small amount of oil in your antifreeze reservoir what should you do?

Take off the reservoir & flush it out with hot water to get the oil out. If you drive it it can go through the cooling system and it may distort rubber seals etc. If it's a very minor amount it might not be an issue but flush it to be safe.

1994 Chevy beretta that's leaks antifreeze from the firewall. near the heater core hoses there a rubber elbow but no hose that attachs to it?

That is the drain from the heater core housing. It will only leak coolant from there if the heater core starts leaking. This is to help prevent coolant from ruining your carpet/interior. You have a bad heater core. Time to replace it. Good luck!

Where is the Clutch fluid reservoir in a 1992 Saab?

The clutch master cylinder is supplied from the brake fluid reservoir via a rubber tube.

Why would coolant be draining from a rubber elbow through the fire wall?

chances are that your heater core is leaking and needs to be replaced The coolant is draining from the heater case. This is what houses the heater core and prevents the antifreeze from flooding into the car. That elbow is the drain hose for the heater case, which means your heater core is leaking and needs too be replaced. Good luck. To access and replace the heater core the dash board needs to be removed. Est. shop(not dealer) cost =$500.00 parts and labor

What is that outbound pipe from the engine block to the heater core called?

A heater hose (rubber) or pipe (steel).

How the rate of diffusion principal is used while filling rubber tubes to increase the speed of vehicles?

Explain how rate of diffusion principle is used while filling air in the rubber tubes to increase the speed of the vehicles.

Where is the coolant reservoir drain on a Pontiac Firebird 3.4 v6?

The drain plug should be located on the lower right corner of the radiator, it is about the size of a nickel with raised ribs that form a cross. You should attach a rubber hose to the radiator drain before opening the drain plug, this keeps antifreeze from splashing out. Antifreeze is a corrosive, that will burn your skin, and destroy your body paint.

How do you drain coolant from 1998 Buick century reservoir?

Dsconnect the rubber hose at the bottom.

Where do you refill the hydraulic fluid in a 1963 impala convertible top?

The reservoir is part of the pump and you will find a small rubber plug that you remove to fill the reservoir with hyd fluid.

How are scrap tires recycled?

They are usually shredded and made into road filling or rubber mats.

How do you replace the metal heater hose pipes and fittings on a 1991 Caprice Wagon?

Disconnect the rubber hoses from the heater and the intake. Once the clamp is removed, take a sharp knife and split the rubber ends and peal them off. DO NOT pull on the heater core as you can damage the heater core. Take a hacksaw and cut the band off and replace the heater hose using new clamps.

Car heater smells like burning rubber?

A car heater that smells like burning rubber could be an indication of a belt that is slipping. The slipping belt smell can be drawn in from the engine compartment into the passenger cabin.

What would cause loss fluid in overflow reservoir leak on the ground in your 99 Chevy Tahoe?

Sounds like the rubber line on the bottom of reservoir is leaking or tank is cracked CHECK IT OUT.

How do you replace the windshield washer pump in a 1995 for aspire?

To replace the windshield washer pump, remove the washer fluid reservoir. Remove the rubber hose on the bottom of the reservoir from the pump. Remove the plug and wiring from the pump. Remove the reservoir from the car and then remove the pump from the reservoir and from of the rubber grommet. Next, use a screwdriver to pry the grommet from the tank. Your new replacement pump will come with its own grommet. Install it into the reservoir. Use a small amount of oil to lubricate the grommet. Finally, reinstall the hose and wiring harness by reversing your previous steps from when you removed them.

Antifreeze leaking from a small rubber hose from the side of engine?

bad hose like a pin hole or bad clamp

Why is there antifreeze leaking from a small rubber tube on the firewall of my 1986 ford gt mustang?

That is one of the heater hoses where it connects to the heater core. The heater core is located inside the passenger side firewall. There are two heater hose connections, an inlet and an outlet. Replace the hose with the appropriate size and attach a new clamp to secure it. Before attaching clamp, make sure you clean off any debris or corrosion to ensure a secure and leak free fit. After replacing hose, be sure to refill radiator with the proper mix of antifreeze (usually 50/50) or purchase a pre-mixed solution. After filling, run engine and continuously check coolant level. Never open radiator hot! Re-checking of coolant level and opening the cap several times during a few minutes of engine run time will help bleed air out of the cooling system. Air in the cooling system can cause hot spots in the cylinder heads which can lead to overheating.

Where is the washer pump on a 1999 Honda cr-v?

it is inserted into a rubber grommet at the bottom of the washer reservoir [bottle].

What uses of rubber bulb in chemical labs?

Rubber bulbs are a common chemistry lab accoutrement. They come in a variety of sizes. The primary application of the rubber bulb is as a vacuum source for filling pipettes, Pasteur pipettes, etc. with sample, standard, reagent, or any liquid component of an analytical system without exposing the analyst to the potential hazards of filling the pipette by creating this vacuum by use of their mouth. This technique was the standard means of filling pipettes for centuries and is presently referred to as "mouth pipetting".

How do you change the windshield washer pump on a 1990 Honda Civic DX?

I am just working on my Civic 1997 and I have found it on the reservoir. On mine the reservoir is on the left side under the fender. You have to remove the fence. Then I saw the reservoir, I pull on the pump which is just fit in a rubber ring. Sorry for my English.