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Q: Why does atmosheric pressure get less and less as you go higher and higher?
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How does higher altitude have an effect on pressure?

The higher you go into the atmosphere the less particles are present, because of gravity, so you have less particles pressing against you (pressure).

How does air pressure vary?

Inversely with altitude, the higher up you go the less air pressure

What is the pressure like on each of the atmosphere?

The higher you go up the lower the pressure but less air

How is The wheather in mteverest?

Cold with very low pressure. The higher you go up it, the colder and less pressure there is.

How does the characteristics of the atmosphere change as you go higher?

less pressure and cooler temperature

What is the relationship between the air pressure and how high above the earth you are?

the higher you are, the higher the air pressure, thats why airoplanes cant go too high, there is less oxygen and more air pressure

Is air pressure greater when your higher up or lower?

Air pressure is caused by the weight of all the air stacked up above you. The higher you go, the less air there is above you, so the pressure is lower.

How does air pressure change with increased altitude?

since there is less gravity when you go higher in the atmosphere, there is less air being pulled down and causes the reduce of air pressure.

As you go to higher elevations above sea level the boiling point of water?

as you go higher above sea level, pressure decreases. Due to the decrease in pressure, the temperature needed for water to boil is less than it is than it would be at sea level. Thus, it would take less heat energy for the bonds to break and become a gas than it would in an environment with more pressure.

Why does elevation affect pressure?

The higher the elevation the lower the pressure.The lower the elevation the higher the pressure.The change can be expressesd by the formula:p = 101325 (1 - 2.25577 10-5 h)5.25588wherep = air pressure (Pa)h = altitude above sea level (m)

Is the pressure decrease or increase with altitude?

Pressure is due to the number of molecules hitting you or your instrument. As you go up in altitude, there are less molecules hitting you, i.e., the pressure decreases. The higher you go, you are getting thinner atmosphere, which means there are less molecules available, so the pressure is lower. Air molecules are more abundant closer to the surface, and therefore the molecules are closer together, i.e. higher pressure.

Why does air pressure decreases when volume increases?

Air pressure is the weight of all the air above you. The higher you go, the more air is below you.