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Why does blonde hair turn green in a chlorinated pool?


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Fix your Total Alkalinity and your hair will stop turning green.

Oxidized copper is what turns hair green and it can be because of high copper content in the local water supply or because the pool water is corrosive or both. Sanitizer level does not directly cause green hair but if the water is already corrosive then the effect will increase with high sanitizer levels.

Green stains underneath a tap on bathtubs and sinks indicate copper oxides in the water supply. The heavier the the stains the more copper is present.

In either case water can be corrosive because of low pH (acidic) but it can also be corrosive because it is soft (low mineral content). Soft water is hungry and it will dissolve minerals and metals from the pool tank, fittings, and plumbing until it is satisfied. The opposite can also happen, where the water is too hard and minerals will precipitate out of solution and create deposits.

Pool water balance (not sanitizer level) should be adjusted by the operator so that the water is is neither corrosive nor scaling. The Langlier index is used to calculate how corrosive or scaling the pool water is and lets the operator determine the proper levels of minerals in the water. A good worksheet can be found at

A good rule of thumb is Total Alkalinity (baking soda) content should be approximately 90-120 PPM, Calcium Hardness at 180-220 PPM, pH 7.4 to 7.6. and should yield an index well within the -1 and +1 range which is neither significantly corrosive nor scaling.

In an 29C (~84F) pool this would yield a langlier index between

7.4 + 0.7 + 2.25 + 1.85 -12.1 = -0.6

7.6 + 0.7 + 2.35 + 2.0 - 12.1 = +0.55

In commercial pools the Langlier index is calculated weekly (or daily for high use/low volume pools) and additions made to total alkalinity and calcium hardness. In residential pools once per month should be adequate as long as total alkalinity is kept between 90 and 120.



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