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Maybe a bad bearing in fan motor


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The bearings are out of it. Replace Blower motor.

its your squirl cage inside of your blower motor. guaranteed. happened to me twice

it possible is the blower motor is going bad or the blower motor squirl cage is rubbing Most likely there is debri in the blower motor cage, usually mice get in there.

it sounds like the compressor drive belt is loose under the hood.or the noise may be the blower motor{blower that pushes air into your car} rule blower motor out by using fan in heat mode. Or maybe a bearing in the clutch has gone out.

If the heater blower has humming noise when motor is running, first check its capacitor. If the capacitor is fine, then the motor is the problem and may need to be replaced.

If the noise is a squeaking sound, it could be coming from the bearings in the blower fan. It could also be coming from a worn bushing or bearing in the blower motor.

a mouse has built a nest in the the blower cage

depends what type of engine you have, on a 3.3L you have to remove the steering pump before you will be able to completely remove the blower motor; on the 3.1L you have to remove the alternator before replacing the blower motor

Answertry tining the blower motor upActually I had a similar problem a while back and a supid mouse had built a nest in the line and had acorns rattling around inside the line. Just a possibility. It happens when it starts to get cold they seek shelter anywhere.

It needs replaced - bearings are out of it.

As for why it blows only on the high speed you most likely will have a bad blower resister and for the noise, it could be a bad blower motor, bad blower wheel or trash that is stuck in the blower wheel or housing.......

If it's a grinding or howling sound, the heater blower motor bearing has probably dried up and ready to fail.

No such thing as a 2003 Chrysler Pacifica. Your 2004 Chrysler Pacifica that was built in 2003 probably has a bad bearing in the blower motor. Unfortunately, the entire blower would need to be replaced.

The most likely problem is the blower motor making the noise. It may be necessary to remove the box to find the noise for sure.

There is no provisions for lubricating the blower fan bearings If it is making noise then the bearings are probably worn out and you have to be replaced the blower motor The blower motor is visable from the engine compartment It is on the firewall probably on the passenger side Remove the battery cable Remove the electrical connectors Remove the four screws holding the motor to the firewall Remove the blower motor It may be stuck fast to the firewall and you will have to pry it loose

I take leaves and twigs out of the heater blower motor fan by remove four screws from a plastic housing under the glove compartment. The motor falls into your hands. PS the leaves and twigs make a heck of a noise - when you put the fan motor on.

The screeching noise is most likely the blower motor. Either the motor itself is bad or the fan blades are striking the housing. Run the heat without defrost and see if the noise is the same. Also check at different fan speeds to see if the noise changes.

Blower motor is going bad. They are usually behind glove box area.

The blower motor may be failing or there could be debris caught in the fan.

the Bering is going out or something got in the housing

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