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Q: Why does cake flour clump if you grab fistful as opposed to bread flour?
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Does bleached flour effect bread baking as opposed to unbleached flour?

No, they work the same when baking.

Is pastry flour like cake flour or bread flour?

Pastry flour is most like cake flour. Both have lower amounts of gluten in them as opposed to bread flour (also known as strong flour) because it has a higher amount of gluten.

What makes wheat bread healthier than white bread?

Whole grains, as opposed to bleached flour.

What ingredient can you add to bread to make it dense as opposed to light and fluffy?

I think the answer is adding less flour.

What is the different meaning between flour for making bread and flour to make bread?

There is no difference between "flour for making bread" and "flour to make bread." Both phrases refer to the same thing: bread flour.

Difference between bread flour and all purpose flour?

Bread Flour is often a coarser flour, all purpose flour can be used in place of bread flour.

Can you replace bread flour with superfine flour to make bread?

Superfine flour should not be used in place of bread flour. Bread flour is made from "hard" wheat that has been bred to have the high gluten content that makes proper bread.

Can you replace bread flour for all purpose flour?

If your recipe calls for all purpose flour and all you have is bread flour, you can use the bread flour. Because of bread flour's higher protein content, you may find that the baked good you made with bread flour has a slightly chewier texture.

How does bread flour compare with regular flour?

Bread flour is softer, and is only used to make bread. While regular flour is used to make anything.

Is there any flour you can sub to make bread flour?

I need two cups of bread flour. I have ap flour and cream of tartar though. How do I make bread flour from what I have?

Is sour dough bread refined?

It is not the bread that is refined but the flour that the bread is made with - thus a sourdough bread can be made with unrefined flour or refined flour.

Is bread got flour in it?

Well yes... obviously flour is in bread... =_=

Can you use flour instead of bread when making bread pudding?

No! Bread pudding requires bread. Flour is an ingredient of bread, but it is not bread.

Is plain flour same as white bread flour?

Plain flour is most likely all purpose flour. It will work just fine for bread, but bread flour is specifically blended for bread making. It has more gluten which is what forms the bubbles in bread and helps it rise better. Plain flour is milled, blended and produced slightly differently than that for bread flour. Bread flour is much more of a stronger flour, whilst plain white flour is not. Both flours (whilst bread flour being the best to use for bread), need raising agents, since the flours are heavy. The most commonly used agent is yeast, in small amounts depending on size of loaf. Better results are achieved with using bread flour. So if you want to make bread then best use bread flour for better results and much tastier well balanced bread.

Is bread flour same as wheat flour?

Bread flour is wheat flour, it just has a higher gluten content.

What is the difference in bread flour and plain flour?

Bread flour is typically higher in protein than plain flour.

Why are flour the best flour for bread making?

Flour helps in adding texture to the bread and sometimes helps in rising. The best flour to use for bread making is Strong White Bread Flour which can be found in grocery stores like ASDA!

What happens to bread if there's no flour in it?

There is no bread without flour.

What is flour for in bread?

Flour is used for making the dough for the bread.

What is the best kind of flour to use to make bread?

which is the best flour to make bread out of strong plain flour self rasing flour or plain flour

Why is flour added to bread mixtures?

Flour is the primary ingredient in bread dough and batter. Without flour, the mixture would not be bread dough or bread batter, and would not bake up into bread.

What is the difference between regular flour and bread flour?

Plain flour has a lower gluten content than high grade or bread flour so is less suitable for bread. Some bread flours may also have additives to improve the bread texture or to quicken the bread making process.

Why is flour good for bread?

Bread is basically baked flour so flour is an essential ingredient.

Can you use all purpose flour instead of bread flour in a bread machine?


Can you use flour for bread flour?

Yes. I've used all purpose flour instead of bread flour with good results.