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Good question. You may have an antilock brake circuit that is not sensing the brakes correctly and improperly correcting. Anti lock pulses the brakes when you apply them. I don't know if this is perfected or not.


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Traction involves applying a pulling force on a fracture in order to restore normal alignment.

No. Crank and main bearings can be get at by dropping the oil pan, but to get to the small end rod bearings you've got to get the pistons out.

Can the oil pump be replaced on 1994 Ford Ranger 4.0 without pulling motor?

The fuse or relay for power windows on a 2002 Chevy Blazer is located under the dash near the emergency brake. It can be readily replaced by pulling it out.

If your brakes feel like they are pulling you should get them checked out. These brakes may need to be replaced.

headlight must be replaced as an assembly bulb can be replaced by turning and pulling

Shogun bicycle? If so headset bearings probably are bad or the brakes are dragging.

The cigarette lighter fuse on a 2001 Kia Sephia is replaced by opening the fuse box door and pulling the fuse out using a puller tool. A new fuse is pushed into position by applying even force.

The train will stop. And if it is not a real emergency, the person pulling the cord could be charged with various crimes for interfering with the operations of the train.

emergency brake isn't for use during emergencies....that's why they changed it to "parking brake" people were pulling them in emergencies and losing control

applying a force to an object, (pushing, pulling, hitting, kicking etc.) can change its speed, its direction and its shape.

Yes. Applying any brake while moving will wear the friction material.

I assume you mean to ask how difficult it is to change the main bearings WITHOUT pulling the engine out of the vehicle. Don't bother. To properly replace the main bearings you need to pull the crankshaft away from the engine far enough to be able to put a micrometer on the bearing surfaces of the crankshaft. To do that you need to disconnect the crankshaft from the transmission AND pull the pistons part way out. Also, depending on the type of seal used, many rear main seals must be replaced by pressing them into place after the crankshaft is in. Don't even try to replace bearings without first verifying the status of the crankshaft. It must be round and within tolerance. If the old bearings have worn there isn't much chance that the crankshaft hasn't been affected.

The MAXIMUM penalty for pulling a false fire alarm is life in prison for manslaughter if anyone is killed while the people and fire department are responding to the emergency.

I think that someone is pulling your leg. There is no such thing as 'blinker fluid'. Sure, it's right next to the muffler bearings :)

A light is on or a relay is stuck pulling power from the battery.

Figure out where the siren is coming from and get out of the way of the emergency vehicle by pulling over or moving out of the way.

if they are daytime running lights you can not shut them off without pulling the fuse. but if you are parked and want them to go off you can apply the emergency brake and they will go off til you let off the emergency brake.

There is no penalty for pulling the fire alarm -- provided there is actually a fire or reason to believe there may be a fire or other major emergency requiring fire department help.

You need to get out of their way, pulling over to the right, off of the side of the road (if possible) and stopping.

Fe (iron/) 410 means that the steel has a strength of 410 Newton per Square millimeter while applying a pulling force.

The hammer or crowbar is applying force to extract the nail, and is opposed by the friction between the board and the outside surface of the nail.

Hammers are used for many things, banging in nails, pulling things apart with the claw, tapping bearings or rivets in, pounding out dents in metal and many other purposes.

by pulling up on the emergency brake their should be an adjuster below the handle i think it is a 10mm nut

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