Why does casy want to go to California too?


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he wanted to better his life and he wanted to keep staying with the Joads family.

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They go to California because they want to take there kids to Disney land.And because they want to go on a vacation!

California if you want sun and snow. It is not too cold or hot. You will have an awesome time there if you go. Also you can go somewhere on the east coast too. Hope this helps.

too = also "I want to go, too."

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On average, the time is 30 hours, depending on where in California you want to go to.

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Too means also or in addition to. An example would be: I want to go too, which means I also want to go. More examples are: That dress costs too much. I, too, am a senior. She was too excited to sit down for two minutes.

Average distance is 2,940 miles, depending on where in California you want to go to.

It depends on where in California you want to go to, but the average driving distance is about 3,000 miles.

I dont need ne but if you do here are some examples: I am going TO post a letter. I dont want TO go there! Why dont you want TO? With TOO? We will go too!

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Yes if you want too go too federal prison.

45 miles, but why would you want to go to either place??

sure I would love too!

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well i have never been i California but i really want to go. but i do know the from Indian to California is about six days. because California to Illinois is five days.


The California Institute of Technology. "Cal Tech"

No, Because Canada will give you a better education than America so you will be smarter and then when you want you can go to California and get a job!

Singapore is good............ do you want to go to the universal studios...... many things can buy there....... do you want to go to the Singapore city......... it is good there too.....

You use the word 'too' when you say something like, also. example: I want to go to the store *too I want to go to the store (As well, also) You also would use it if you have too much or toolittle of something. Example: I think I had too many brownies. The cat is too thin. Answer by: Super Nerd

When you are including someone or something with you. For example: Do you want to go with me, too? (replacing also)

As many times as you want as long as you pay for it.

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