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"That it's all over, as in "The Cincinnati Bengals can kiss da baby on this season." as Ochocinco says! <3Danie

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How can you say that your in love?

Say," I love ya baby" then kiss

How do you say kiss me baby in spanish?

b&eacute;same beb&eacute;

Did Chad Johnson really change his name to Chad Javon Ocho Sinco?

Yes he did. He was made legal. He now wants his jersey to say "Ocho Cinco."

How do you say kiss me baby in french?

baise-moi b&eacute;b&eacute; ^_^

How do you say baby kiss me in spanish?

Besame, nena/nene (female/male 'baby') (BAYsahmay NAYnah/NAYnay)

What is sonny with a kiss about in Sonny With a Chance?

Sonny and Chad try to go to different places to share their first kiss. They try to kiss in the cafeteria, but their cast members stop them. They tried in the hallway but Tawni pulled Sonny away from Chad. When Chad offers to take Sonny home, she had to get her purse from the prop-house. Chad went with her. The lights went out leaving the two shocked and not saying anything. The So Random! cast were there too. Zora, hiding in the vent, every time the lights went out, she would say "Kiss or I'll kill you!" in her Dark Vader mask. Under pressure, Sonny and Chad kiss during 4 seconds. When the lights went on, the So Random! cast ends up clapping for them. Then they go to the limo and finally kiss unpressured. Unfortunatly for Sonny and Chad, the paparazzi see them kissing and take loads of pictures. Not bothered by their first kiss being the lead story on tween weekly, but just being happy they'd kissed they kiss again and then hug.

How do you say chad in hawaiian?

Chad = Kaka

How do you say Chad in Russian?

its just chad

What did the ugly baby look like on Seinfeld?

We never get to see the baby on the show but they say he looks like Lyndon Johnson

How do you say kiss me?

say :"Kiss me"

How do you say Chad in Spanish?

*With Spanish accent* "Chad"

How do you make your baby sister stop crying?

pick her up and rob her back and say it's okay and kiss her

How do you say kiss in Thai?

"Joop" is how you say kiss in Thai.

What to say to get a kiss?

Kiss me you fool!

How do you say kiss in kannada?


What does Chad Sugg's tattoo say?

Chad Sugg's tattoo says ""

What do you say to a boy before you kiss him?

You say: You may not like this but I will. Then you kiss him.

What should i do if baby gets a bang on the nose?

You should kiss it. Then get an ice back and hold it where the bump was for about say 15 seconds.

Cute things to say to a mailman?

"Can you mail me a kiss??" "Stamp me baby" Kind of corny, but oh well :) good luck!

How do you say kiss in Persian?

Boos means kiss you can say Boosam kon- meaning kiss , or Boos bede- meaning give me a kiss

How do you kiss in smalworlds?

you say -kiss- :P

How do you say i want to kiss your neck in spanish?

How do you say kiss neck in spanish

Are sonny and chad going to kiss in ep 22?

Since there is no episode 22, I don't think they kiss :) but they almost kiss in "Guess Who's Coming to Guest Star" and in the season finale (Sonny: So Far ) they tell each other they like each other (they don't actually say it but it's pretty clear they do)

How do you get a crush to kiss you?

if your a girl id say " when are you gonna kiss me?" If your a guy Id say 'When Can I kiss you? cause i really want to."

What should you say when your girlfriend ask you is there anything else i can do for you?

If you wanna go over the top than say a baby would be good, if you don't then say just a quick kiss!! Only Joking