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The red spot in an egg is blood. Sometimes after an egg is formed a little blood is left behind.

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How do you make an old chicken lay eggs?

Just make it a spot to lay the eggs in and leave the rest up to the chicken

Are chicken eggs halal?

yes there is no problem in eating chicken eggs but it shouldnt have blood/blood spot in it else its not permissible to eat it

Is the red blood spot in a chicken egg a common happening?


Teach chicken where to lay eggs?

put salt on their vents that will make them run too their laying spot, then take the eggs from there and put some of them where the chicken should lay you may have to let some rot or get fake Easter eggs for a while until the chickens start laying their and keep using that spot but be careful if you let the chicken set too long they think the eggs are fertile and will stop laying

Are eggs chicken?

All birds and reptiles lay eggs. If the eggs are from a chicken, then they are chicken eggs. If they are from another kind of bird or from a reptile, they are not chicken eggs.

When can you get chicken eggs?

Chicken eggs come from chicken when the Chicken makes poo the eggs come out and it will be dark black

Can you breed an Australorp with a Rhode Island red to get a chicken that lays a lot of big eggs?

The Australorp and Rhode Island Red chickens both lay plenty of eggs. By interbreeding the two chickens, it is very probable that you will get a chicken that lays large, frequent eggs.

Why are some chicken eggs brown and some white?

It depends on the breed of chicken. White Leghorn chickens have white eggs, Rhode Island Red have brown, and Americanas can have green, pink, or yellow eggs. :)

How many years will a red star chicken lay eggs?

about 9 years

What is the significance of chicken leg color and egg color?

Leg color and egg color are only linked indirectly (by breed) and thus leg color cannot reliably be used as an egg color indicator. E.g. a Rhode Island Red hen (red/brown hen with yellow legs) will lay large brown eggs, but a Red Leghorn hen (also red/brown hen with yellow legs) will lay white eggs. In general, a better indicator of a chicken's egg color is her earlobes. (A chicken 'earlobe' is a round spot of skin just underneath the ear socket. It can be flabby or taut.) A chicken with red earlobes will typically lay brown (darker) eggs, where a chicken with white earlobes will lay white (lighter) eggs. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. For help identifying a chicken's earlobe, see Related Links, below.

Where do chicken eggs come from?

Chicken eggs come from chickens.

How can someone tell what color of eggs a chicken will lay?

A quick way to tell what color the eggs of a chicken will be it to look at the color of the earlobes. Generally white lobed hen will lay white eggs, while a red lobed hen will lay brown eggs.

You dont eat eggs what is a good substitute?

If you do not eat eggs then a good substitue for the protein is fish, chicken and red meat. A balanced diet does not require eggs.

How do farmers get the eggs from the chicken?

When the chicken lay the eggs in a soft resting place. The chicken will lay the eggs and the farmer get it from a hen's house

Can you eat chicken eggs if you are allergic to chicken?

If you are not allergic to eggs, you can eat them even if you are allergic to chicken.

How do you get monster eggs in rune factory?

There are no "monster eggs". Only Chicken Eggs, and you have to tame a chicken to get them

White color egg comes form a white rock chicken?

earlobe color determines the color of eggs if they are red then the eggs will be brown

Is it true that a chicken will lay eggs the same color as its legs?

yes chickens can lay blue, green, red even purple eggs

Why does a brown chicken lay brown eggs?

it doesnt matter what color they are it the type of hen they are because there are not red chickens but there are red eggs from Rhode island reds or maybe because is brown

Why is the Rhode Island Red important?

The Rhode Island Red is a type of chicken. They are important because they are bred for both their eggs and meat.

List of animals that kill livestock?

Livestock predator Livestock *Fox*Chicken,duck and goose *Weasel*Chicken,eggs * Wolf*Cow,goat,horse,sheep * Coyote* Goat,chicken, * Raccoon* Chicken,Eggs *Opossum*Eggs,chicken *Skunk* Eggs,chicken

Are chicken eggs aborted chicken?

No. Hens lay eggs and then sit on them to incubate them, the chickens hatch out of the eggs.

Does a chicken lay eggs?

Yes a chicken does lay eggs your kinda dumb

How many eggs does a chicken in a day?

a chicken doesn't lay eggs everyday

Is a chicken a marsupial that lays eggs?

No. A chicken is a bird. No marsupial lays eggs.