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The stripes make the ball easier to pick up in flight therefore easier to catch. This is the reason the NFL does not have stripes making it more difficult for the professionals to catch the ball.

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Q: Why does college football have stripes on the ball?
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What do the different stripe patterns on a high school college or pro football mean?

At one time, pro footballs were striped all the way around, but now the pro ball has no stripes at all. The stripes on a college ball are only on the top half of the ball (the half with the laces) and have no meaning in todays game. The stripes are kept as a part of college football tradition. They were once thought to be a visual aid in quickly pointing the laces outward in field goal situations.

Why does an NCAA football have stripes and not an NFL football?

Stripes around the ends of a football were used initially to help locate the ball during night games.

What is the difference between a college football and pro football?

The college football has white stripes on one half and is slightly (Larger?,Smaller?)

What is the difference between the ball used in college football games and the NFL games?

college ball is a little smaller

Is a college football larger than an NFL football?

no it is not a pro ball is slightly longer

What are the white stripes on the football for?

fOr the grip.

Why do college footballs have white strips around them?

the white stripes make the ball more visible in the air.

Who has the Most touchdowns in college football in a career?

Motee ball wisconsin

Is a college football player down if he touches the ball to the ground?


Can the defense advance a fumble in college football?

Yes. There was a rule in college football where the defense could not advance the ball after recovering a fumble but it was abolished in 1992.

Where did Marvin Harrison play college football?

Marvin Harrison played his college ball at Syracuse University.

Can a pro football player quit pro ball to enroll in college and play college football?

No, the player would lose is amateur status and no longer be eligible.

Where did ladanian tomlison play his college ball?

LT played football for TCU.

When punting which will ball go farther a NFL football or a college football?

It really doesn't matter which football is used, it only matters how hard you kick it.

Are the rules the same in college and NFL for spiking the football?

In college, spiking the ball is a 15 yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Do both feet have to be in bounds for college?

No. College football only requires a player to be in possession of the ball and have one foot inbounds.

On kickoffs in football where is the ball placed?

Association footballThe ball is placed at the centre of the field, in the middle of the centre circle. American footballThe ball is placed at the kicking team's 30-yard line in college. In high school, the ball is placed at the 40-yard line. In the NFL, it is placed at the 35.

How many stripes are on basketball?

there is one stripes on a basket ball there all together

Why does a football have to be brown?

the ball is actually natural cow hide leather tanned. It is required to have a pebbled grain and 4 seams with 8 or 12 laces. It was decided that natural tan would not be like any color of jersey and the rules require that nothing on the field be ball colored. The rules l also requirs that the ball have stripes on each end on the panels asjacent to the laces only. The stripes are there to make the ball flashier and easier to see and the officials use the movement of the stripes to determine ball control

Is a NFL football larger than a College football?

The NFL football is known as "The Duke". Not all college football teams use the same kind of football. The one that I am familiar playing with is the GST and it is more round and a little bit wider than an NFL football and the tips of the ball are not as pointed.

Why play high school football?

For experience if you want to play college ball to get in shape to have fun

Why do the ball boys in college football stand on the opposing team's sidelines?

So and see how to play

Did the Rock play professional football with Warren Sapp?

NO. He played college ball at Miami with Sapp

Name the two college football teams that are playing in the rose ball?

Ohio state and Oregon

What ball is used in college football?

the ball which is used is the a ball in shaped in circel and is skin colour which most guys have. Which tarra likes and michelle and emily they love them xxoxoxoxo