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Why does crack cocaine make your teeth fall out?

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1) Cocaine contains a lot of powerful, acidic chemicals. Since crack cocaine is smoked, the harmful chemical compounds of the drug come in direct contact with the teeth and gums. Prolonged use can result in damage to the enamel, bone and nerve endings which weakens or kills the tooth resulting in broken or dead teeth. There is no way to prevent this except by abstaining from use.

2) The burning crack pipe doesn't help either

3) It doesn't. Bad oral hygeine caused by people not taking care of themselves while they are addicts is what causes the teeth to fall out. If cocaine is rubbed on the gums, it may contribute to the problem, but it is not usually used that way.

2010-03-27 15:23:06
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Why do crackheads have no teeth?

Crackheads have no teeth because crack, coke, cocaine (almost the same thing) will make your bones thinner and weaker, to that point, it makes your teeth weaker and it falls off. say no to crack!

Does crack cocaine make you urinate?

Not Really...

Why do drugs make your teeth fall out?

Because during our using we neglect brushing, flossing, regular checkups, etc. and also, for those that abuse cocaine, cocaine is widely known to ruin your teeth, especially if it's being smoked.

How much can 1 gram of cocaine can make into crack?

Wats the best way to cook cocain into crack

Can you make crack cocaine with ammonia?

not just ammonia, baking soda

How much crack can you make with 1 kilo?

You can turn a kilo of powder cocaine into a kilo and a quarter of crack if you've got good cocaine and the resulting quality will be decent.

Will one hit of crack cocaine make you fail a drug test?

yes it will

Can percocet make your teeth fall out?


What drugs make your teeth fall out?

The pepsi and cola drugs make your teeth fall out.For more advice consult to a docter.

How much crack will 7 grams of cocaine make?

atleast 700 if u sell it right

Dose flossing make your teeth loose and make them fall out?


Why does gum disease cause teeth to fall out?

because your gum is to soft or it will not make your teeth strong it mite just fall out

Why do milk teeth fall out?

they have to fall out in order to make room for permanent teeth, if they did not, you could wind up with a terrible overcrowding condition and crooked permanent teeth.

What medications will make you come up positive on a drug test?

Ritalin comes up as crack cocaine I believe

Is there a way to make baby teeth fall out faster?


What ingredients are bad in toothpaste?

it is the acid because it is not neutral and if you make it stay on your teeth it can rot your teeth and make it fall out.

What does crack kills mean on pocket god?

It means, make the Pygmy fall in the crack but you don't play the Runs game.

Why did ancient Egyptian bread make the peoples teeth fall out?

Ancient Egyptian bread made their teeth fall out because of how coarse the bread was.

Why is cocoa cola bad for your teeth?

It has 54mg of caffeine and also it can make your teeth black. It makes your teeth weak and it will fall out early.

Can wisdom teeth cause other forward teeth to become cracked by pressure?

No, that can't really happen. Teeth can get cracked my a number of different things.NoIt is very unlikely that front teeth get cracked due to pressure caussed by wisdom teeth. Usually it takes a trauma to crack a tooth. NOalthough they cannot crack your teeth, they WILL cause pressure and cause your other teeth pain and make them crooked

If your pregnant will it make you fail a drug test?

only if you're on unprescribed drugs. Wow, no. A baby inside of you will not be mistaken for crack cocaine...etc.

What is the difference between freebase cocaine and crack cocaine?

Normal cocaine (Cocaine Hydrochloride) is the typical white powder people snort. This form is a water soluble salt of the cocaine free base and the HCl. This form also vaporizes at a temperature very close to the temperature at which it burns, making it difficult to smoke. Crack cocaine is a cheap yet inefficient method of freeing the base cocaine molecule from the salt. It uses baking soda to remove the proton from the base. However, this safe, cheap method does not involve any purification steps, leaving some water and baking soda (impurity) along with the newly formed "crack" which forms crystals and floats to the top. So freebase cocaine along with other impurites are what make up crack cocaine. Freebase cocain is formed by a similar process. However, ammonia is used to remove the proton and free the cocaine base. Diethyl ether (extremely flammable and volatile) is used to dissolve and remove the freebase cocaine. This can simply be siphoned off the top since ethyl ether does not mix with the water/ammonia solution. The Diethyl Ether evaporates and pure freebase cocaine is left behind. The straight forward answer is that there is absolutely no difference between crack and cocaine base, because crack is a street name or nick for cocaine base. The uses and effects are 100% identical. So the next question is why is there a higher penalty for crack than cocaine base. The straight forward answer is our Legislative, Executive and Judicial branch has engaged in racial discrimination when charging black americans, which is what we call the new form of the Jim Crow Law. Whites who are charged with cocaine base don't get the aka crack added to their indictment and therefore since 1914 the federal statute continues to treat cocaine hydrochloride (snortable) the same as cocaine base (smokable) , whites therefore receive a lesser prison sentence. Black Americans on the other hand get the aka crack included in their indictment therefore receiving excessively long prison sentences. Example a white person who is charged with 5 grams of cocaine base would get a 6 to 12 months sentence the same sentence 5 gram cocaine powder would provide 'a misdemeanor'. While the black individual who possess the same quantity would receive, a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years which is a felony for a substance that is identical to the substance a white person possessed, the only difference is the aka crack term used in the indcitment to described the cocaine base possessed by the black defendant. So a fact, which is undissputable, crack does not physically or scientifically exist because no scientifically test exists that would differientiate cocaine base as being crack remember it is a street term, the test only results in cocaine base. Therefore crack is a nick name for cocaine base. Crack and cocaine base are the same thing, the only difference is what race you are and the sentence imposed, because of your race.

How butane effects humans when smoking crack?

Well it effects the high butane smells and taste like crap,ya want to use a pack of matches instead Crack is made of what is left from the process of transform coca leaves in cocaine, the most harmful part, witch is disposable, that's what everybody knows in South America where I came from. Now they mix this very harmful left over with even more harmful ingredients and make the crack, but unfortunately the truth is a taboo in USA, and many think that cocaine and crack ARE THE SAME. There is more about the truth, crack will kill in a period of two years and will make anyone addicted to it at the very first time, the brain will get hooked right away. Too bad we still hear that cocaine and crack are the same.

How do you make your teeth fall out?

well you need to either eat chicken legs or wiggle it

What do dentist do at their jobs?

What does a dentist do at their job you ask is fix people's teeth, make sure they don't have any cavities, and make sure your teeth wont fall out. They also tell you to always brush your teeth and floss.