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Sulfur is larger and therefore has a larger intermolecular force than oxygen. Intermolecular force increases the amount of energy needed to break the bonds, and increases the boiling point.

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Why does NO2 have a higher boiling point than CO2?

NO2 has a higher boiling point than CO2 because the nitrogen radii is larger than carbon. The bigger the atom the more intermolecular force that is created...this requires more energy to break causing a higher boiling point.

Will a fuel with a higher boiling point be a better fuel than one with a lower boiling point?

A low boiling point one would be better as it will use less heat and release Co2 into the air. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Twitter @TrolPie

Why does H2O have a higher point than CO2?

H2O (water) has a higher melting point and boiling point than CO2 because of the hydrogen bonds that exist between the water molecules. The hydrogen bonds are strong intermolecular forces (though they are classified as a weak bond), and help to hold separate water molecules together. Thus, the boiling point of water is higher than carbon dioxide, though they are similar in composition and mass.

Does water or carbon dioxide have a higher boiling point and why?

Comparing the boiling point of water and carbon dioxide (CO2), the boiling point for water will be higher. This is because water molecules are held together by hydrogen bonds, but in CO2 there are no such hydrogen bonds. So, the forces holding individual CO2 molecules together are much weaker than those holding water molecules together. So, it takes less heat energy to break apart the CO2 molecules, and thus the boiling point is lower. CO2 molecules are held together by van der Waals forces (much weaker than hydrogen bonds).

Would carbon dioxide or water have a higher boiling point?

Carbon dioxide exists as a gas at stp, and water exists as a liquid. Therefore, CO2 has already passed the boiling point, so water has the higher boiling point.

What has a higher boiling point CO2 or SO2?

SO2 has a higher boiling pt because it has a greater molecular mass, SO2 is a pola r molecule which forms dipole-dipole forces which increases the boiling point

Which has a higher boiling point CO2 or SiO2?

intermolecular force between the sio2 molecule is greater than that of the co2 molecule....the co2 molecule is in it gaseous state while that of the sio2 is crystalline making the intermolecular force stronger than that of the co2 molecule.

Does KCl have a higher boiling point than CO2?

KCl is an ionic substance (strong intermolecular forces) and CO2 is a non-polar covalent substance (weak intermolecular forces)

Does water or carbon dioxide have a higher boiling point?

Carbon dioxide is a gas at room temperature, and water is a liquid at room temperature. Since 'boiling point' is the point at which a liquid becomes a gas, that would mean that the 'boiling point' of CO2 would have to be MUCH lower than water (or lower than room temperature for that matter). A much more interesting question is 'what temperature does CO2 boil?, and that one I don't know the answer to, but I am sure you could easily google it;)

Boiling point of CO2?

The boiling point of carbon dioxide is -57 0C at 5,185 bar.

Which is heavier CO2 or air and how does the temperature affect it?

Air is heavier than C02, CO2 has a very low boiling point. It is also a pollutant.

Why is the boiling point of Carbon dioxide much lower than H2O?

Between CO2 molecules, only dispersion forces exist while between water molecules, hydrogen bonds exist. Hydrogen bonds are much stronger than dispersion forces hence, water has higher boiling point.

Why so2 has a higher boiling point than CO2?

SO2; SO2 has a larger molecular mass than CO2. The most important factor in determining the boiling point, is the intermolecular forces involved. SO2 is a polar molecule with dipole dipole forces. CO2 is a nonpolar molecule, thus having dispersion (London) forces. Dispersion forces are the weakest intermolecular forces so dipole-dipole forces are much stronger. Dipole-dipole forces have a higher melting point because more heat is needed to break it down.

Why does SiO2 have a much higher melting point than CO2?

melting pt and boiling pt are directly related to molecular weight thus sio2 having greater molecular weight has greater melting pt

Which of these substances has the lowest boiling point KCl CO2CH2O?

CO2 has the lowest boiling point among these compounds. It is the only one that is a gas at room temperature.

What is the boiling point of CO2?

Carbon dioxide has a boiling point of -70.6 degrees Fahrenheit. This means it takes quite a bit before it becomes a liquid.

What molecules will have the lowest boiling point?

Ones that are gases at room temperature and below. Sulfur hexafluoride has a boiling point of -64C. CO2 is at -57C. Propane is -42C.

How do you determine a compound has higher boiling point in periodic table?

Compounds with Hydrogen bonds (Hydrogen bonded to N,O or F) will tend to have stronger bonds thus a higher BP, then the compounds with a stronger polarity determine bond strength, and finally dispersion forces (Molecular mass) So in conclusion if you have ex. HF and CO2 HF has a higher BP because it has a stronger bond than CO2 (it has a hydrogen bond, while CO2's strongest bond is a polar bond)

How do you convert vpm to ppm?

what do mean by vpm (unit of water content in oxygen)

What happens to rubisco when o2 concentration is much higher then CO2 concentration?

When ther is a higher concentration of O2 than CO2, rubisco can bind O2 in place of CO2.

How would the movement of CO2 be affected if the concentration of CO2 in the lungs was equal or higher than the concentration in the blood?

If the concentration of CO2 in the lungs was higher or equal the concentration in the blood, there will be no diffusion of CO2 in the air of the lungs. The person will suffocate in this situation.

Which member of of theawe pairs of substances would you expect to have a higher boiling point a o2 or n2 b so2 or CO2 c hf or hi?

O2, SO2, HF.. im positive, just did a webassign if you know what that is but its right...

Boiling point of dry ice?

Dry ice is solid CO2 (Carbon dioxide) which boils at -57 °C (-70 °F)

Why does CO2 have a low boiling point?

Because it contains a few electrons. See, the boiling points of compounds increase with increasing molar mass. This increase in boiling point is due to the increase in dispersion forces for molecules with more electrons. Except for H compounds on the elements in Groups 5A, 6A, and 7A.

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